SERAPHIM, The New Terrific Weapon Of The World Government!


The Seraphim made their debut appearance on the raid of Amazon Lily, when the Marines attempted to capture Boa Hancock. They are new Pacifista units developed by the Marines’ Special Science Group with the intention of replacing the Seven Warlords of the Sea as one of the Three Great Powers.


The Seraphim units, just like the original Bartholomew Kuma-based Pacifistas, are cyborgs built in the image of an existing person. In their case, they bear uncanny resemblances to former Warlords of the Sea, albeit at a much younger age and at a relatively larger size. The ones who were deployed to Amazon Lily, for example, had likenesses matching those of Dracule Mihawk and Boa Hancock during their childhood, the latter corroborated by the Gorgon Sisters.

Aside from that, another distinct feature of the Pacifista are their lunarian-like biology, featuring brown skin, white hair, black wings and a plume of fire burning on their backs.
Like every Pacifista, the Seraphim have the designation “PX-” marked somewhere in their bodies. Furthermore, some Seraphim sport star-shaped pupils as an exclusive physical feature.


Like the original Pacifista, the Seraphim execute their duties in a quiet, robotic manner. If given a directive order to attack, they will do as commanded, although without showing restraint and putting the lives of downed fighters at risk. Koby, despite being a Marine captain and member of SWORD, had apparent trouble reigning them in during the Amazon Lily siege, implying that they might be harder to control than normal Pacifista units.


The Seraphim are cyborgs, as evidenced by their use of in-built laser weaponry and recording equipment. Some have access to external weaponry, such as swords, which they are capable of wielding with expertise. The Seraphim based on Dracule Mihawk, in particular, exhibits an incredibly destructive level of swordsmanship that is capable of splitting even mountains in half, not unlike the real deal.

The Seraphim have shown enough strength and skill to force even one of the Four Emperors, Marshall D. Teach, into a defensive position, right after effortlessly defeating a myriad of his subordinates.

Also, thanks to their lunarian traits, they appear to have vast resilience, something noted by the Gorgon Sisters, who claimed the Seraphim involved in the siege left the island with nigh a scratch over their bodies. Their young appearances may also inhibit foes who have reservations fighting children from attacking them.

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