Shanks is the only Yonko with an entirely Human Crew!


Big Mom claimed to desire a utopia where all races and species can live in harmony, in fact Totto Land is most notable for being home to members of almost every race and tribe in the world.


The known races that inhabit Totto Land are humans, fish-men, merfolk, minks, snakenecks, longarms, longlegs, dwarves, three-eyes, along with several hybrids of different races. Strangely, living objects (such as furniture, ships, food, etc.) as well as talking animals that are not clearly minks or Zoan fruit users also live in Totto Land. These living objects and talking animals are referred to as “homies”, and were essentially brought to life and given human-like traits by Big Mom’s Soru Soru no Mi. Big Mom also has a liking for collecting rare and unique animals for her own amusement. Big Mom lacks only three races, hence her attempt to recruit King from the Beasts Pirates into her crew.

Kaido had Numbers (artifical imitations of the ancient giant race), Fish-Men, horned race and King who is a member of the nigh-extinct Lunarian race from the Red Line, noted for their ability to create fire.


Blackbeard has horned race and giants under him. And probably there is more now that he is a Yonko.


Whitebeard had Minks and Fish-Men in his crew.

Luffy has Chopper and Jinbe.

Shanks has a only human crew. We don’t see anyone from different race. Probably Shanks doesn’t take anyone from different race in his main ship.

According to the Marines, the Red Hair Pirates are the most balanced and impregnable as a group, showing little weakness overall. They were also recognized as having a high average bounty.

We already know who is the real Miss Buckingham Stussy!

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