Shanks is the son of the Lurking Legend coming in Wano?


In chapter 907 the Five Elders meet with Shanks, who wishes to talk to them about “a certain pirate”.


I say Shanks is there not to talk about Marshall D. Teach or Luffy… but the “lurking legend” Oda said he’d reveal this year.

This legend is some how related to Shanks if you ask me and based on Shanks’ age the only option is that this legend is “his father”. Shanks doesn’t like this old man raise to power again, that’s why he is there to ask Gorosei to stop him.


2 things support my claim:

1- If Shanks wanted to talk about Teach or Luffy there was no need for the term “certain pirate”… are we really need to think Shanks is in Holy Land of Mary Geoise in this time talking to Gorosei for something simple since he can deal with Luffy and Teach by himself?


2- When Whitebeard met Shanks, Whitebeard said a guy gave him a scar and the wound he got from “that guy” aches whenever he looks at Shanks’ face. Well, why when he is looking at Shanks he need to say this words? Cause Shanks remind him of that guy.

Some said it was Roger but there was no need for using the term “that guy” if it was Roger. So if he talks about another person that means:

  • Shanks looks like “that guy”;
  • “That guy” is so strong he can give a scar to “The Strongest Man in the World” Whitebeard;

*Theory by red admiral

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