Shanks vs Luffy will be Luffy’s first fight as Pirate King!


Like many others I got the impression Shanks only remaining purpose in the story is to die for hype. Especially after Summit War it feels like more than obvious he will die through Blackbeard’s hands for the ultimate Teach hype.


But then an event happened which start to screw up that idea. You all know what I am talking about, Reverie happened and Shanks appeared having a talk with the Gorosei.

Since then, two questions came up in everyone’s mind.

  1. What is the connection between Shanks and the Gorosei?
  2. Who is the pirate Shanks wanted to talk about?

In this theory I will try to give a reasonable answer for both the questions.


The decision of the Roger Pirates

To answer the first question let’s go back to Sabaody. We all know after reaching Raftel the Roger Pirates learned everything about the “True History”. Do you rember what Rayleigh answered Robin after she asked him about the “True History”?


I think the most important part is not that she should take her time to the world, I think the statement “Perhaps you’ll find a different answer…!!”. What is the answer the Roger Pirates found? Whenever I think about the question it reminds me of the end of the second movie of the Matrix Triology (Just in case you don’t know the movie… The protagonist found out that there is always a chosen one and then he had to make a decision, either to keep everything like it is or to start a war which he will most likely lose and would cause many death).

That’s why I think they found the truth that even if the world is not fair or led by “evil” people it would be much worse if they spread the truth. Spreading the truth would cause a war with too many loses. That’s why Shanks became something like a Keeper of Balance to avoid that anyone will find Laugh Tale.

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