Shanks will show the real extent of his Powers in Wano


Finally, we’re going to Onigashima. Right now, all the members of the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance have joined the fight.


As we know, Yonkos Big Mom and Kaido have formed a pirate alliance.

I can’t see Shanks just letting things play out.

I think Shanks is going to show up and fight Big Mom (and his crew versus her crew), allowing Luffy, Kid, Drake, Hawkins and Law to team up and defeat Kaido and his crew with help from Samurai and Minks.


I don’t believe Big Mom would be dying or anything, I feel like Kaido might go down this arc, while Big Mom lives, but is put into a position where she truly might have a depowering of her kingdom, maybe with Marines running through while she’s gone, and she’ll be with just a small core crew and will become a sort of ally going forward.

I feel like this all makes sense since Shanks has to have a moment where he shines before his death battle. I feel like this battle will show off what Shanks can do.


It will also give him a nice moment with Luffy and Oden’s son Momonosuke.

So yeah, this is the fight in which Shanks really shows the extent of his powers, then a little down the line, he’ll be killed by Blackbeard.

*Theory by HopOnTheHype

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