Shichibukai Recruitment System – Two New Replacements


The World Government always looks for New Prodigies who would become a huge potential threat in the future so they try to offer them a position to become a Sichibukai.

Heirs to Legendary Pirates

By heirs I mean their blood who has made a name for their self and are the legitimate child’s to Legendary Figures

Edward Weevil


The Son of “The Strongest Man” Edward Newgate. His strength was compared to the strength of a prime Whitebeard by Admiral Kizaru.

He can single handedly defeat 16 pirate crews without receiving a scratch and gathered up a bounty of 480,000,000 before becoming a Warlord.

Working Theory​
Anyone Remember Movie Z? Ex-Admiral Zephyr’s arm was cut off by a pirate with a devilfruit and he was able to slaughter everyone on the ship but 2 apprentices


This fits perfectly into Weevil as Trafagar Law would be 17 at the time of Z incident and Buggy wouldn’t attack an Ex Admiral for no reason which leaves Weevil whose past is widely unknown and his age is also unknown.

The other thing is Whitebeard vs Crocodile. Before the story started he wanted revenge on Whitebeard. It could be possible that Crocodile’s arm was cut by Whitebeard’s Bisento. Weevil could have done the exact same thing with Zephyr.

Portagas D. Ace (rejected)


Heir to the Pirate King himself Gol D. Roger his original birth name was Gol D. Ace and he acquired himself a bounty of 550,000,000 but he rejected the offer to become a Shichibukai.

Working theory

Sengoku and the higher ups knew about Ace’s past so they asked him to be an ally instead but due to his rejection and joining Whitebeard they felt the need to execute him. Sengoku also said that Ace was under the protection of Whitebeard and they can’t just waste countless marines in order to get Ace from Whitebeard.

As for this next one I think this person could be the new Sichibukai for the replacement of Doflamingo.

Like I said they target Prodigies like Weevil and Ace who carry on bloodline of the legends like Whitebeard and Roger so what other Legendary Pirate has a kid more like 85 Children…

Unknown Big Mom’s kid
Some of Big Mom’s kids have an unknown status whether they’re killed by Big Mom or ran away like Lola due to her disrespectful behavior forcing her children to arranged marriages and killing and attacking them for being disobedient.

11th to 15th are currently unknown
17th to 18th are also unknown
20th to 24th are also unknown
27th to 32nd are unknown too

Total: 17 sons are currently unknown

2nd to 7th are currently unknown
9th to 14th are also unknown
17th daughter is unknown
19th to 20th are also unknown
24th to 26th are also unknown
28th daughter is also unknown

Total: 19 daughters are currently unknown

So the status of 36 children is still unknown and again there are some of her children that resent her for her behavior so out of that 36 children one of her children could have escaped Totto Land and allied with the Government to piss her off

Just a thaught: “this will be the 12th official Sichibukai to be chosen. And the status of Big Mom’s 12th son and 12th gaughter is unknown. Could this be a clue??”

Power Level?

He or she could be compared to the strength of Big Mom like Weevil was compared to Whitebeard.
Big Mom Pirates also have unique devil fruits and abilities so that’s also a possibility

How about the first Prodigies? They were all at Roger’s execution 22 years ago

Dracule Mihawk
Unknown (frozen)

He was 19 at the time and became the “Greatest Swordsmen” at some point.

Sir Crocodile
80,000,000 previously

He was 22 at the time and went to the New World and fought “The Strongest Man” Whitebeard and led a crime syndicate and conquered Alabasta.

Gekko Moriah
320,000,000 previously

He was 26 at the time and also went the New World and fought on par with “King of Beasts” Kaido before his crew was slaughtered by Kaido.

Donquixote Doflamingo
340,000,000 previously

He was 17 at the time and was able to blackmail the World Government and the leader of an Underworld Criminal Organisation and was one of the few people who had awakened devil fruit.

“Red Haired” Shanks (rejected)

He was 17 at the time and was a famous pirate who became a Yonko but was he offered to be a Shichibukai?

15,000,000 (frozen)

He was also 17 at the time but he was offered after his debt as the Legendary Pirate Buggy at Marineford

Others include Jinbe, Hancock and Kuma who earned it later or after becoming notorious pirates.
Blackbeard offered Ace who was worth 550,000,000 Berries to be a Yonko.
Law offered 100 Hearts.

Whose the second replacement for Law? I think it will be one of the 11 Supernovas!

There are 2 that doesn’t have a major role in the New World

• Luffy – Law – Zoro = Alliance vs Kaido

• Kidd – Hawkins – Killer = Alliance vs Shanks (formally Hawkins and Killer’s situation is unknown)

• X-Drake – Apoo = Allied with Kaido

• Capone Bege = Previously allied with Big Mom

Which leaves these two:

“Mad Monk” Urouge

He has beaten one of Big Moms Sweet Commanders Snack and later seen in Sky Island before Kaido jumped off to Kidd’s base but I don’t think he’d be offered a position as Warlord because I think he’s allied with Kaido.

Jewelry Bonney


She’s gonna play a huge role in the future against the World Government but she’s a warlord for now

Akainu said a chill went down his spine when she fled the World Government so she and her crew was arrested by Akainu

How and why would she be a Warlord?

If you look closely she was seen without her crew after we saw her after timeskip

A pardon for her Crew

After becoming a warlord Jinbe was able to pardon Arlong so after Akainu arrested Bonney she was able to agree to become an ally with the World Government and pardon her crew and let them go explaining why she’s now a single pirate like Mihawk, Kuma and Weevil

Why an ally? How does it fit into the pattern?

The moment she fled the World Government an Admiral was sent to get her and Blackbeard. But Akainu let Blackbeard escape and captured Bonney and since the 7 warlords was full and her crew was going to Impel Down she could have striked a deal to ally with the World Government in return for her crew to be free.
She was also a Supernova with a 140m bounty and has a terrifyingly strong being able to manipulate age she would be considered as a prodigy so after Law’s title was abolished Bonney was eligible for that position.

That’s it for this theory. I think that Bonney and an unknown Big Mom Pirate will be new replacements and they will be announced at the Reverie.

*Theory by King of beasts kaido

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