This theory will be taking on many points such as: Roger and Nolands execution, Their descendants, What the One Piece truly is, Void Century, Will of D., An ongoing theme in One Piece, Kordic & Nordic Mythology, Clover’s chat with the WG and the Ancient Kingdom and The Multiple Personalities That Blackbeard Has.

Now when we watch Roger and Nolands past towards their execution and their execution itself you will be able to spot that their execution is completely different that we can actually call it opposite. When Gol D Roger was on the platform he smiled:


But when Noland was on the platform, he cried:
When the execution took place, the view of the execution in Roger’s was from the spectator side:

And from Nolands execution it was from the execution side:

– Gol D Roger surrendered by himself, meanwhle Noland was executed by judgement.

– After Roger’s death he was respected and given the crown “Pirate King”. While when Noland died he was disrespected and given the name “The Liar”

Now while we take a look at their descendants: Ace and Cricket. We learn something odd.
When Ace was a kid he got into many fights and well took a lot of shit from having Rogers blood, and same goes for Cricket. While Ace did go through this, his relief from the entire problem were his step-brothers Luffy and Sabo. And same goes for Cricket and his 2 step-bro’s the monkey’s (Masira and Shoujou). Which is interesting that Oda would make those 2 specific characters monkey’s who are step-brothers to Noland, when Luffy is “Monkey” himself.
So as we see:
– Both went to trouble being the descendants of their ancestors
– Both reliefs came from their brothers
– Both had 2 brothers
– Monkey brother/s
– Both continued their ancestors will (Ace became a pirate and Cricket searched for the gold)

So as we see Roger and Noland = Opposite while Ace and Cricket = Similar.

Noland mentioned the City of Gold although no proof was given to prove its existence but in the end it did exist. So what about Gol D Roger’s One Piece? Now don’t get me wrong, I won’t say that the One Piece doesn’t exist, since when Nolands country went to find Noland’s discovery it ended up not being there (since it was sent to the sky) so the treasure Roger talked about will have to exist on Raftel if we keep going on this opposite pattern that Noland and Roger keep going through. Although, if Noland did tell the truth about his treasure and everything on the execution platform, that’ll mean somewhere down the line, when Roger was on the platform he lied. Now what did he lie about, I think it was this:
“Want MY treasure?” This is where the lie took place, “My” treasure. The great treasure the One Piece, was never Rogers treasure to begin with, I think that the One Piece is a theory that most One Piece fans heard and its learning about the true history of the world and how to set the world free! Gol D Roger said his treasure is the One Piece but I doubt actual treasure would interest a man like Roger. I believe that the WG’s ancestors did something in the past, something that was very evil or very corrupted. And I think it was world domination and control! The reason I say this is because of the chat that Clover had with the Gorosei (Chapter 395) He talked about how this ancient kingdom left the poneglyphs, but why they had to leave it on unbreakable stone and scatter it all over the world. It was because they had an enemy. Therefor they knew they’d lose but couldn’t allow what was going on to be the end of it. Therefor the enemies of the Ancient Kingdom were doing something that would effect the entire world for hundreds of years and they had to leave the truth about this in poneglyphs in hope someone will come along and learn about these truths and stop the world government. Since the World Government was actually established right at the end of the Void Century.

But why would the World Government go so far to stop all of this? It’s because of an ongoing theme that occurs in one piece which originate’s at Dr. Hiluluk’s quote: “When does a man die? When he is hit by a bullet? No! When he suffers a disease? No! When he ate a soup made out of a poisonous mushroom? No! A man dies when he is forgotten!”
This goes on over and over again, remember right before Roger died he told Rayleigh “I will never die!” but he died right after that scene and he said that because he won’t ever be forgotten as the man who caused the great era of the pirates to come out and chase their dreams. It all started from him so of course he will always go down in history and never be forgotten. And Ace said the same as a kid to Luffy and he never died as his will is continued on to Sabo and the Whitebeard pirates, Luffy and Sabo will never forget Ace ever.
Therefor the World Government is trying to erase the entire Void Century from peoples minds and make it forgotten so it can finally die. It explains Whitebeard’s quote towards Sengoku when he said that “That’s why you people are so scared of someone finding it” and “That man will carry centuries of history on his back” Although if the One Piece was just 1 century why did Whitebeard talk about it in plural? Probably because what went down in the Void Century effects every event that happened up until this day in One Piece. Because if you think about it, why would they fear someone finding the One Piece? It’d bring an end to the age of piracy since many pirates will not be motivated to go to seas chasing the treasure and those who failed to get it will probably give up. That would mean the One Piece is something that’s very terrifying to the World Government that they need to stop at nothing to make sure it’ll never be found.

So now that we got all these facts out of the way time to talk about what is the truth? If the One Piece is truly the knowledge of the history, and to achieve One Piece you must stop the World Government, then what is the truth? What happened exactly in the void century? How did the World Government control the entire world? Well here:

In the void century there existed the Ancient Kingdom which was named “Raftel” (I’d like to believe its name is Raftel since Gorosei yelled to kill Clover before he ever stated this Ancient Kingdoms name). Those who ruled upon this country was the family of D. The King Gol D. married a beautiful woman named Portgas and made her his queen. Together they had 4 kids: Monkey D, Marshall D, Traflagar D and Jaguar D. This country was known for its great strength. Although they were a problem since they were the greatest civilization in the past since its a kingdom that was shown to be so great but no history on them exists because of the World Government. Now why would the allied nations ever attack this great country? Because this great country was trying to stop them from their plan of world control. That’s why the D. are the enemies of the celestial dragons. But how did the WG take control of the world, what was their plan? I believe it was all done by creating one thing: The Red Line the red line, which surrounds the entire world, the Navy have their HQ on this line, the reverie which is a meeting of all the kings occur on this line and this line divides the world into 6 seas: North Blue, South Blue, East Blue, West Blue, Calm Belt and Grand Line. By dividing these seas the World Government has complete control in each sea as they can travel to any sea and any place instantly by being based on the Red Line, with that they have complete control of every place on the planet. And they continued to have control over the world for centuries until a man named Roger came along and caused so many problems and created enemies to challenge the World Government to come along. And caused an age of pirates who defy the World Government. And although he was such a huge and famous figure they kept Rogers name a secret (called him Gold Roger and not by his true name Gol D Roger because they wanted that name forgotten forever).

So this is what I think that the One Piece is, when they reach Raftel they will find one poneglyph or many which explains every last detail about what is going on. And we all know the one arc that contains many foreshadows and thats Skypeia, which Roger left a message specifically there.
The message he left was “I made it here, I will guide this texts to the ends of the earth” Specific lines I want to talk about is: “Guide” and “Ends of the earth” He could have left on raftel a plan or the way to stop the World Government that he wanted to do but couldn’t since he got sick and never was able to carry out his plan.
So when they reach the Raftel and learn about this they must need 4 things to defeat and finally end the era of the corrupted government and that is: Ancient Weapon Poseidon, Ancient Weapon Pluto, Ancient Weapon Uranus and a leader to lead the rebellion (Luffy obviously, and this explains how Roger lied about it being his treasure since its not actually his, it belongs to the new age of people and pirates who wont be controlled anymore, and the one who truly controls this treasure is the man who carries out the plan to stop the World Government). Remember Laboon? The Whale they met at the Red Line? He kept banging his head on the wall constantly probably cuz he knows instinctively that it should not be there, but he couldn’t cause any damage to the wall, but what about an army of sea kings, Pluton attacking and defending the destruction and whatever Uranus is.

But a good question that comes up from this theory is, how did the Ancient Kingdom get defeated? If they were a country that boasted about its strength it can’t been taken down easily, I think the allied countries came together to defeat it and they made an inside deal, someone to help them from the inside to beat this country which could possibly be Blackbeards ancestor (Marshall D.) who knew siding against the country will be more beneficial and also wanted to take over the country but never succeeded so decided to destroy it and lead the new world. And BB has this multiple personality of someone good and bad since he resembles Luffy as a man seeking the dreams but also carries the will of his crooked ancestor who betrayed his family.

Now another way to support this theory (This is where the Kordic & Nordic Mythology takes place) is the redline is known as “The Serpent soaked in blood” It was stated when Brogy and Dorry clashed
which is a reference to Uroboros the serpent that circles the whole world. In Kordic mythology, the two giants call the red line the serpent soaked in blood and in Nordic mythology in ragnarok, the end of time there is a big war and the serpent that circles the world dies, and as he dies it it brings the end of the world (end of the world government).

So the One Piece is destroying the entire red line and creating the sea that is just as a lost dream as the One Piece: The All Blue, so you must destroy the red line which is controlled by the World Government, but you can’t just simply do that, you must gather the ancient weapons and go to war with the Government. Also this will explain the existence of Noah’s Arc since if you destroy the red line you destroy Fishman Island so the Fishman’s must go to surface and live with humans as one. And this also will give life to Madam Shirley’s vision that always comes true of Luffy destroying Fishman Island since he will be a leader of the fight to destroy the World Government.

Bonus Theory: Raftel is the ancient Kingdom, since gorosei want the name of that island (the ancient one) a complete mystery since they killed Clover when he was about to expose its name even though he was exposing the entire history of void century to the WG at the name they needed him dead so the Ancient Kingdom’s name must be that important and only island that comes to mind is Raftel. Also considering how the World Governments flag is the same as the way to reach Raftel:

And the Ancient Kingdom actually exists right beneath Reverse Mountain, that explains why Laboon banged his head on the wall, to not only know its not suppose to be there but to free this island, that explains why a man on Rogers crew guards the red line (Crocus) and that explains why nobody has ever found it up till this date, since its nowhere to be found and you need the poneglyphs to point to it even tho it should be an island that exists somewhere and easy to find. Also Crocus stated after reaching every island and island in the grand line you will reach the end which will be the raftel. The end of entrance to grand line at the red line would be the opposite side of Reverse Mountain on New Worlds side. So you reach raftel by reaching the underneath of Reverse Mountain.

And with that I am done, hope you enjoyed this! Please leave any feedback you have, since this is the first time I am ever leaving my theory on an official post like this, hope you enjoyed!

*Theory by Wasabaki


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