Why Crocodile? 
Sir Crocodile said that he’s no longer interested in Alabasta when we saw him again in Impel Down and later said that he’s going to the New World.


“I’m planning on the good old New World..!! Will you join me?”

Ok Oda let him be free from Impel Down and then let him go to the New World and the rule in New World is you either join a Yonko or fight them.

Alliance With Kaido?
There’s a couple of reasons why he’d ally with Kaido: they both are businessmen and Kaido is never one to turn down someone such as Crocodile when he would make a great asset.

Look at the Background 
You can see 3 Hippo-Zoans there right?
But Zoans are one of a kind only one type of Zoan exist and but there are 3 of them!!
Kaido’s Artificial Zoans?
Kaido has an army of over 500 Artificial Zoan-type Devil Fruit so it’s possible that he’s got a Hippo-Squad.

So this could be a foreshadowing that Kaido is allied with Crocodile and he has a high position within Kaido’s organization.

His current Power-Level 
We really don’t know his exact power level but there is a clue.


“I didn’t lose to such a Weak Man!!!”

Was he implying that he would have been able to beat Whitebeard?
And we know how strong Whitebeard was in Marineford.
Like Mihawk lost interest on Shanks because of the arm he would have also lost interest in Whitebeard after he got weak.

Remember when Doffy cut his head off??


That was a Haki Infused attack
Reason : the string would otherwise go through neck not decapitate him.

But when we look at Akainu he also had a giant hole in the middle of his body, both men were able to regenerate this means that they have extremely powerful haki and can only be beaten by someone with the ability to surpass their haki.

He was also able to fight Mihawk and Mihawk took him seriously after he warned him not to piss him off.

Devil Fruit Perfection

Perfection could mean that he’s mastered every variation of his abilities this alone makes him a beast and after the timeskip he could be much more stronger

New World New Plan

“If you want to protect something, protect it right!!”

He’s extremely determined to achieve his goal so what’s his goal??
Beating the Strongest Creature because he wasn’t able to beat the Strongest Man?
Sounds like a legit reson right? Well he also wanted to beat Whitebeard which would make him the new Yonko but he’s planning to beat the next best thing aka Kaido.


Organizing Kaido’s Takedown 
Remember Bege organised Big Mom’s takedown. Croco-boy could organize Kaido’s takedown with Luffy’s alliance and Luffy could trust him now afterall he would have died if it weren’t for him.

New Yonko
Oda let him out of Impel Down and let him play a huge role at Marineford fighting Akainu, Mihawk and Doflamingo and after that he’s got some huge plan in motion and he could be the new Yonko. If he succeeds to take down Kaido with the alliance, it’d be good to have 2 Yonkos on Luffy’s side.

*Theory by King of beasts kaido


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