Skypiea Arc foreshadows the entire story of One Piece


There are overall tons of points which makes me think that the entire story of One Piece is going to roughly play out as the Skypiea Arc did.


– There are the Ancient Kingdoms forces (Shandians)

– There is Im = God Enel


– There are people (Skypieans) who are “good” but are actually controlled/brainwashed by God (Celestial Dragons/God Enel)

– There is the Ark Maxim of Enel (which is similar to Ark Noah)


– There is a promise from 400 years back that gets fulfilled (similar to JoyBoy’s promise from 900 years back?)

– Forgotten history, Void Century = forgetting that they were part of Jaya

– Lost Kingdom, Ancient Kingdom = Sky Island’s Upper Yard

– Impact dials are described as being forces that impacts the person “from the inside” exactly like the Advanced Armament Haki.

– There is a final survival match-up that happens in a cage similar to Dressrosa arc.

– There are paintings of ancient warrior fighting a multi-headed hydra, like Orochi in the ruins of Shandora.

– The “old” God is one of the fighting forces involved in the final battle (this is equivalent to the original rulers of the Ancient Kingdom)

– The promise was between the Shandora’s head, the warrior Kalgara, and Noland, i.e. two kings.

– Luffy satisfies the promise which is heard by the descendants of the Ancient Kingdom and Noland.

So overall, I think the way the final fight plays out in Skypiea is roughly how the final fight is going to play out between Luffy and Im.

*Theory by __tremb__

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