Skypiea foreshadows ALL of One Piece


So after thinking about it and remembering the details of One Piece, it feels as if Skypiea is a mini version of what Oda intended/still intends to do with the story of One Piece.

Skypiea Saga in a Nutshell


  • Luffy and crew discover sky islands MIGHT exist, so they embark on an adventure to get there. Most people don’t believe them, but they eventually find out for themselves sky islands do exist. Along that time, they learn of Noland’s unsolved story that if they can resolve, they will. The crew then arrives at Skypiea, a place that is ruled by a fakely just ruler. They cause unintentional and later intentional havoc that propels them to discover the secrets of Skypiea and the missing half of Jaya and it’s indigenous people. Monkey D. Luffy, the natural enemy of God, and also crew, eventually defeat God Enel and company themselves and provide solace and peace to the Skypeians and Shandians as well as Noland’s descendant & friends down below. All in all, the story is neatly finished, all important arcs are resolved and dreams are attained.

Now think about how One Piece has been presented to us.

One Piece in a Nutshell

  • Luffy sets out on an adventure to become Pirate King by finding the One Piece, a goal/dream that MIGHT exist but many doubt. Along the way he attains a crew with their own unattainable dreams. Pre-Grand Line, most pirates/marines they come across laugh at his dream to find the One Piece thinking it can’t be real or it’s unattainable. Eventually they enter the Grand Line and gather more crew members, where they cause unintentional and intentional havoc, usually motivated by having to protect their friends. Because of which, they start to uncover deeper secrets, especially with the addition of Robin and her ability to read the Poneglyphs. They eventually declare war on the World Government, which directly serve to protect the World Dragons who are considered godly figures. As they continue throughout their journey, more people believe the One Piece is real. Post-Time Skip and coming into the New World, we learn of Fishmen and Minks, races discriminated against and hinting at an even deeper, harsher lore that may even relate to the void century. All in all, it feels as if the Straw Hats are matching Skypiea’s story arc almost beat for beat. The fake stories the World Government continues to propel to the public and the truth behind the void century is like the Noland the liar story. The mistreatment of different races relating to the Shandians being uprooted from their homes. The overbearing World Government being the avatar of “God’s” desires relating to God Enel. The One Piece feeling nonexistent like the idea of sky islands or the missing half of Jaya. The many atrocities still needed to be solved and most likely will be solved intentionally or unintentionally by the Straw Hats. And most importantly, the idea of a fun adventure between a solid group of friends who wish to help each other attain their dreams.

*Theory by viktorayy

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