Soru Soru no Mi: Weakness and Potential Power-Up


This is part of my Dissecting Devil fruits series, the point of which is to look at already established Devil Fruit, and theorize possible powerups, weaknesses, or just to expand on what the fruit is capable of.

Today’s dissection will be of the Soru Soru no Mi as wielded by Big Mom/Mother Carmel.


The Soru Soru no Mi is an interesting and terrifying devil fruit!

Similar in many aspects to the Kage Kage no Mi (Moriah’s fruit)


It grants the user a unique abilty to manipulate “souls” in various ways, and give life to inanimate object.

A basic rundown of its known Abilites:

Soul stealing: the ability to take out and manipulate others souls, either by eating it, taking lifespan, or transplanting them into objects.


Homies creation: the gathered souls can be passed into objects in order to give them life or personality.

Regular Homies are weak and simple, only living the amount of soul given…

User’s Soul Homies are created by using the user’s own soul to power the object. These Homies are stronger and less manipulative than regular homies…

Known User’s Soul Homies:




Candy Sea Slug

Known weaknesses:

If the victim doesn’t fear death, then their soul is not able to be manipulated by the user, as shown by Jinbe.

Onto my ideas why Big Mom is not as strong as she can be….

As we know Big Mom has used her soul/spirit/lifespan 5-6 times to create Homies…

We also know that haki, both conquerors and armament, require strong, resolute soul/spirits…

If Big Mom is indeed fracturing, or weaking her own soul every time she makes a User’s Soul Homies, then she shouldn’t be at her strongest currently…

But here is the caveat.

I believe, aside from the amazing powers granted from the User’s Soul Homies (fire, lighting, communication, soul stealing, ocean control), Big Mom can merge her User’s Soul Homies back into her body to grant insane power ups… And we have already seen a few….

Big Mom has like an over soul, or soul resonance ability…

When Big Mom merges Napoleon back into her soul, he turns from a hat into a sentient sword…

When Big Mom merges Prometheus into her soul, she aquires fire like abilities/attributes and manipulation…

And she is seen combo’ing the ability…

Flaming Napoleon

Assuming this is the case for all User’s Soul Homies… Zeus would grant her lighting manipulation, (oceanus, candy or water manipulation), not to mention any others she has created.

So… What do you think?

*Theory by Portgas D. Xatch

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