Straw Hat Crew structure after Wano and parallels with Roger Pirates


I’ve read the story enough to realize that the Monster Trio will never be changed even if you’re the most braindead Zoro or Sanji fan who only talk about powerscaling and agendas you gotta admit/realize Luffy-Zoro-Sanji dynamic as Monster Trio will never change.


I’ve been reading weekly from Fishman Island to see this happen all over again, like the denial factor with Jinbe back in the day was insane it started Jinbe is stronger than Luffy then became Jinbe is gonna push Zoro/Sanji down then it became “there’s no Monster Trio we will have Luffy and 3 Commanders” then it became Luffy > Zoro > Jinbe > Sanji and Sanji being pushed out of the Monster Trio in early Wano days.

Parallels with Roger’s crew has been pretty strong especially for the main fighters.


Just like Gold, Silvers and Scopper being the top 3 definitive in Roger’s crew even by theme (you don’t need to be too smart to get this), even after Oden joined. Same here with Yamato, who is literally the clone of Oden, joining Luffy’s crew.


So after Wano the two crews present these parallels:

Roger – Luffy
Rayleigh – Zoro
Gaban – Sanji
Oden – Yamato
Sunbell – Jinbe
Crocus – Chopper

*by Rocks D. Buggy

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