Straw Hat Grand Fleet will take part in the Final Fight in Wano!


“Seven odd and mighty warriors… after this moment they will each grow in power until they eventually cause a great incident of historic proportions” [Chapter 799]


“The great incident by Straw Hat Grand Fleet mentioned in Dressrosa arc will happen soon” [Oda in 2019]

“If Luffy is able to leave Wano in one piece, we’ll get to a development that will engulf the entire world, the likes of which no one has read before – the greatest war in One Piece history” [Volume 97 SBS]

With the World Government now seemingly not giving a damn about the balance of the world , they will definitely want to go full force on their imposition over Wano, despite what the little fleet they have outside Wano would suggest for now.

  • Wano holds three Poneglyphs, one of them pivotally being a Road Poneglyph.
  • Seastone originates in Wano, a metal which is crucial for their ships and probably for making weapons out of it.
  • Wano is a natural fortress and probably holds a lot more secrets than what we are let on.

Keeping all of this in mind, it would take a power move by Luffy to truly establish Wano as an open country in the long run and what better way to do it than his Grand Fleet coming in and flexing in on the World Government’s armada?

All those prophecies from years ago (on opening Wano) and the fact that we need to have a big banquet needs to happen by the end of this arc can ONLY mean that it has to conclude in a way mentioned above by me.

Either way, even if you debate the logistics or plausibility of the Grand Fleet coming now, it’s becoming apparent that a deterrent might be needed to distract/stop the World Government in its tracks.

Whether it be the Grand Fleet, the Revolutionaries, the Blackbeard Pirates, the Red Hair Pirates or other members of SWORD, it truly opens up for many interesting scenarios which are actually very realistic now.

*by gyrozepp2

Revolutionary Army will come in Wano to stop the World Government’s Plan!

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