Super Connections Between Franky and Nico Robin


Nico Robin gets along well with Franky. They have a unique bond and share a lot of connections.


Supeeeeeeeeerrr Rescue Scenes

1) Franky successfully saved Robin in Enies Lobby.
2) He successfully caught Robin when they fell into Going Merry.
3) He is the first one to be carried by Robin.
4) He successfully saved Robin from drowning in Fishman Island.
5) He successfully saved Robin from being poisoned during 100,000 fishmen.
6) He carried Robin using General Franky in One Piece film Z.

Supeeeeeeeeeerrr Concern Scenes


1) He shows notable concern when Robin was suffocated by Caesar.
2) He shows notable concern when Robin was being touched by Ain.
3) Robin let Franky sleep on her lap knowing how heavy he is.
4) Franky being suffocated by Caesar but he was able to let Robin stay above him.
5) Franky guarded Robin when they were attacked by a shark in strong world knowing that he is already exhausted.

Supeeeeeeerrrrrr Funny Scenes


1) Franky use his fart to save Robin.
2) Robin grabs Franky’s storage of humanity.
3) Robin rejects Deck 5 as it was inhuman act.
4) Franky tried to impress Robin when they first meet after 2 years.
5) Franky tried to impress Robin in Fishman Island.
6) Robin tells Franky to never be in Chopper again. Never.
7) Robin tells Franky to shut up during SOP.

Supeeeerrrrrrrrrr Connection Scenes

1) Franky already knew Robin back when they were still young.
2) They have the same enemy the World Government.
3) Franky have the skills to create an Ancient Weapon while Robin has the knowledge to awaken it.
4) They were tag-team during Thriller Bark against Spider Monkey.
5) They were together every arc since sea-train.
6) They are both in 30’s.
7) Oda said on SBS that Franky is the Father and Robin is the Mother of the Straw Hat Crew.


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