SWORD: Revealed the Secret Marine Unit!


A week has passed since the end of the recent Levely. X Drake contacts Koby through a Den Den Mushi.


Drake tells Koby that the status quo in the Wano Country might not last long as Kaido and Big Mom have formed an alliance, much to Koby’s shock. He also tells that there are no reports of a prison break led by Luffy in Udon. Lastly, he says that there is a presence of CP-0 in the Flower Capital.

So X Drake is revealed to still have ties to the Marines. This confirms the theories according to which he is actually a deep cover agent much like Rosinante was for Sengoku.


X Drake is part of a secret Marine unit known as SWORD, acting as its captain.
SWORD’s overall mission and objectives are currently unknown. Their operations involve undercover missions to monitor Yonko activity.
Aside from X Drake, rear admiral Koby is known to be part of this unit.


Their name, SWORD, contrasts them with CP-0, whose full name is Cipher Pol Aigis Zero. The word, Aigis, comes from the Aegis, a shield in ancient Greek mythology.

A few questions to discuss concerning this matter:

-What is the true role of SWORD inside the Marine establishment?

-Who initiated SWORD and for what purposes?

-Could Aokiji be a secret agent from this division?

-Will be a clash in Wano between SWORD from Marine and CP-0 from World Government?

-Could this be a precedent for a future separation of some heavy members at Marine from World Goverment’s politic actions?

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