Tama’s Devil Fruit is what controls Zunesha


In Chapter 1037 we see the Five Elders are having a discussion about the Wano war at Mary Geoise. The World Government is revealed to have changed the name of a Devil Fruit in order to hide its true name.
The fruit has not awakened for centuries, becoming a mere legend.


To satisfy the prerequisite of this final page, any devil fruit must meet the following criteria.

1- Must have been used in the raid since that is the prompt and what the previous two pages establish.

2- Must have only become known at the time of the raid because it would not be a “legend” otherwise.

3- Must be known to Cipher Pol 0.

4- Must relate to the visual being shown.

5- Must have a name at odds with its powers.

Right off the bat, I’m saying Tama, so there’s no confusion about where this is going. However, let’s drill down the options here. First of all, every single pirate here is eliminated. Without exception. All their powers are well known to the Government, and people can recognise them on sight.


`Specifically, the top three candidates people say are Luffy, Kaido, and Law. The World Government had the Gomu Gomu 13 years ago. They had the Uo Uo for so long they even had a copy made. The Ope Ope no Mi was on auction about 13 years ago (side note: I just noticed Law and Luffy’s fruit have paralleling timelines), and Law worked for them with Smoker knowing the details of his powers.


People get hung up on the Awakening part, but Awakening doesn’t change the substance of a devil fruit or give it different powers. Every Awakened Devil Fruit has been the same as its base, just more. More Mochi, More String, More Surgery, More Metal, More Gold, More Animal, etc.

It’s also not Toki’s Time Time powers. Not only does Toki fail the test of “how does this relate to Zunesha”, but Toki’s powers are not mentioned at all during the raid other than once. They don’t do anything in particular. Plus, it’s the time time fruit and it sends you forward in time. That is literally the most straightforward thing ever. There’s no confusion about what you’re buying here.

So, how does Tama fit the criteria?

1- She’s relatively unknown AND her power has been raised as a question more than once.

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