That’s why we shouldn’t underestimate Capone Bege


We all have our own logic when it comes to powerscaling, some like to go with portray first, some like to look at feats first, some pay more attention in details in a fight, some look at the grand-scale structure. But no matter how you look at it, Capone is a very strong individual, yet often he was placed much lower than Urouge, which I cannot understand why.


Now let’s look at manga content that shows how strong Capone actually is:

  1. Capone’s Big Father form, was able to take at least 7 hits from enraged Big Mom

These are only hits confirmed on panel, there are possibly more, since there are long character dialogues in between them. How bad of a shape was Capone in after all these hits?

About this bad:

Which isn’t even very bad, in comparison, Queen, a 1.3B bounty Yonkou Commander, was knocked out by Big Mom with 2 hits:

Confirmed 2 hit Knock Out

Now let this sink in: Big Mom was nerfed while fighting Queen, since she has no memory, you can argue that Big Mom having memory/DF or not does not really matter in this case, sure, but also consider, Capone was nerfed while taking hits from Big Mom.

Perospero immobilizes Big Father, while Katakuri seals the cannons

Which makes Big Father impossible to evade or retaliate, you can make the argument that evasion or retaliation from Big Father doesn’t make a difference, yeah sure, but a nerf is a nerf, needed to be mentioned, which makes this fight a 3 on 1: Big Mom attacking, while Katakuri and Perospero acted as supports.

2. It was heavily suggested that Yonko Commanders cannot damage Big Father effectively

Does this suggest somebody like Katakuri can’t damage Big Father? Not really, but close, at least it shows that somebody of Katakuri’s caliber, cannot damage Big Father effectively in a fairly short amount of time at the minimum, since we know that Big Mom’s attacks are capable of KO Queen with 2 hits, it is obviously on a completely different level than something a Yonko Commander can dish out, which makes a very strong argument for Capone heavily resists Yonko Commander level attacks.

3. Capone has underlings who are capable of:

Easily dispatching Big Mom combatant

In case you are wondering, that’s Vito. And keep in mind, Bobbin has similar rank as Baron Tamago(though I think Bobbin’s significantly weaker), and similar bounty as Mont D’Or(I also think Bobbin is weaker).

Blocking Katakuri jelly bean spray

In case you are wondering, that’s Gotti.

Capone being the “Father” of these 2 very capable individuals, naturally completely outclasses them, he is much stronger by default.

Well, doesn’t Capone have similar ranking as Bobbin or Baron Tamago as well? How does that make sense?

Capone is clearly hiding his true power from the Big Mom Pirates

Which is why Capone settles for a combatant position, while already having underlings who are at that level(yes I think Vito and Gotti are around/close to Tamago level), yet he was still made “Head of Security” for Big Mom’s tea party.

4. Now let’s talk about Supernovas’ portrayal

Since I just gave a lot of manga content to support my points, I will add a little of head canon at the end:

If we take Luffy himself out of the Supernovas captains(8 of them left), how strong they are is very close to the order of the arc they were meant to show their power, from the weaker to the stronger, think of it as the same logic Cracker-Smoothie-Katakuri got revealed in that order.

With one exception however, which is Law, who I think Oda used as the “grand opening” for the Supernovas, he is the 2nd strongest among the 8, while the strongest will be the “closer”, that’s Kid.

In between these 2 Supernovas, we have 3 arcs, Whole Cake Island, Reverie and Wano. In Whole Cake Island it was Urouge and Capone who showed us what they were capable of, while Revere is Bonney’s home court, and all the rest are in Wano.

There you have it, I think Capone cannot be any weaker than Urouge, who has lowest bounty, no story relevance, and first Supernova to get “revealed” after the “grand opener”. If you still thinking Urouge beating Snack is anything impressive compare to what Capone is capable of, please read the first 3 points thoroughly.

*Theory by SLC_Girl

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