The 5 Great Wano Families originate from a Moon Race?


Recently, we have come to know the name of the 5 Great Wano Families.


The thing that they all have in common is that they all include the kanji for Moon. And the same applies to the Kozuki Family.

1.Moon of Light (Kozuki)
2.Moon of Frost (Shimotsuki)
3.Moon of Rabbit (Uzuki)
4.Moon of Heaven (Amatsuki)
5.Moon of Wind (Fugetsu)


Either their ancestors originated from the Moon or they have a really close connection to the people of the moon from many centuries ago.

Kurozumi instead literally means “black charcoal” in Japanese.

It is the only one of the six major family names (Kozuki, Shimotsuki, Uzuki, Amatsuki, and Fugetsu) to not contain the word “moon”.

Could it be that the Kurozumi Clan wasn’t part of the 6 great clans in the distant past? What do you think?

*by Nessos

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