The Ancient Kingdom Name is… Impel Down!


We know the Ancient Kingdom was highly advanced. And something that happens a lot in our world is going higher to show wealth and power.


And Impel Down is HUGE!

I really tried scaling it to something, but couldn’t find anything realiable. But going by this image and others, it does seems that even one level is bigger than some islands. This isn’t a castle, it could be a kingdom on its own.


Based on events of chapter 1113, I believe that Impel Down was built before the world was flooded (or before the earth sinked). If it were built inside the water, which would be hella impressive already, it wouldn’t need to have a bigger bottom.


Maybe the flood was something natural, and while most of the world had to climb mountains in order to have a place to live, the Dawn Empire just built higher and higer, and it actually gained more space instead of losing it, assuming it wasn’t built all at once, which I believe to be the case.

The could be viewed as something horrible by the other kingdoms. Imagine losing land overtime while your neighbor is gaining it? They even had forest inside the building, which were turned into spikesand frozen in order to kill everyone inside.

If the flood is man-made, which I believe to be, then the people at the top of Red Line might have started causing it in order to become more and more powerful, but then got pissed at the Dawn Empire because they were too becoming powerful because of that.

The Celestial Dragons might have even blamed the Dawn Empire so the other kingdoms aligned with them and earned the right to live in the Red Line. But… then why not just to flood the rest of the world?

Because of food and slaves. The agriculture by itself is already enough reason to not flood the entire world, as the Red Line doesn’t seem a great place for that. We already know that they get food from other places.

And they would also lose their beloved hunting event.

As an extra, imagine if someone used your own home to imprison and torture you. That’s something Celestial Dragons would definitely do.

So,guess who might lore dump us about the Ancient Kingdom?

*Theory by matheusco

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