The Three Ancient Weapons

Let’s start with the queastion, what are the three Ancient Weapons?


The only ancient weapon we already know. Shirahoshi, the mermaid princess with the power to control sea kings.



A warship with the power to destroy the world. Franky was holding the blueprints for this ship, but he destroyed it before the World Government could take over it.

  • What is this warship?

Pluton is not a ship with huge canons that can destroy everything. The power of Pluton is that the ship can bring you to a special place, what no ship else can do: RAFTEL, the Final Island where One Piece is hidden.

  • Where is Raftel?

You need to find the 4 Red Poneglyphs, which will show you the place where Raftel is located.


But why to find four? Theoretically you only need 3 Red Poneglyphs, sail the triangle and you will find at some point the crossing point. That applies at least for a 2D-map. But if you take a 3D-map it makes sense and the crossing point could be in the sky or under the water.

So for the theory, the crossing ponit and Raftel will be on the moon!
And Pluton the ship that can go there!


In the story of One Piece the moon plays a special role. Enel on the moon, space pirates, minks and their sulong form, etc.

Even Usopp mentions an alien store owner in one of his lies (and we know, every lie from him becomes true)

Raftel to be on the moon is the reason why nobody (even the strongest) never reached the last Island and the reason why Gol D. Roger and his crew disappeared for one year. This was the time when Roger got sick from a mysterious illnes.

  • Where is Pluton?

We already saw Pluton a lot of times! Because Franky build it from the treasure tree Adam: the Thousand Sunny

Franky’s dream is to build a dream ship that can cross any seas! His dream will become true when the Strawhats will sail to the moon.

  • How can Pluton sail to the moon?

It will not change into a rocket! Remember the moon coverstory where the automatas went to the moon with ballons.

This technology can bring the Sunny out of the atmosphere. The treasure Tree Adam is a special wood and maybe it has the ability to close airtight (or the ship will need a coating like on Fishman Island).

On this coverpage we see Enel who is looking on some hieroglyphs, which tell the history of the moon people. The humans on this picture have the same ballons and you can see a rocket flying into the sky.

But what then, when the ship is in space without gravity? How can you navigate? For this reason Franky built the “Coup de Burst”. It’s like navigating with an astronaut suit in weightlessness.

Of course it will not be easy to navigate to the moon. You need a knowlege of astronomy. We already know that a few people in One Piece have dealt with it, like Monet or the people from Ohara. (Maybe there comes a new Nakama into play)


On the coverpage with Enel you can see the three Ancient Weapons. You can see sea kings (Poseidon), a ship (Pluton) and the sun (Uranus)

  • Why the sun?

At Fishman Island King Neptune tells the Strawhats that there is a mighty tree named “sunlight tree eve” which transfers light from the surface straight down to the ocean floor with his colossal roots. It’s a holy and mysterious tree, absorbs light and supply air to the ocean floor.
This is the reason why fishmen Island is located at this place.
Even the Fishman Pirates call themselves Sun Pirates and have the sun as a symbol.

Usopp stated that there might be a connection to the Treasure Tree Adam.
(Adam and Eve? No coincidence!)

  • What is on the surface?

When the roots of this mighty tree are reaching Fishman Island, then there has to be a tree on the surface! And there is the holy land Marijois with its mighty walls.

These high walls of Mariejois are hiding this big tree. We are talking about Uranus: the devil fruit tree! Which is the National Treasure

That’ why the Celestial Dragons have such a power over the Marines and the World Government. Because they are in the posession of Uranus and have a monopole of devil fruits and provide them with it (like the devil fruit presents for CP9)

But over the time of hundred of years, fruit users died and the devil fruits got reborn into the world and fall into the hand of pirates.

The Balance of the Three Ancient Weapons

  • What is the purpose of the three Ancient Weapons?

Franky stated it already:

The weapons are meant to counter each other!

So the theory says, that there are three big races in One Piece – the Fishmen, the Skypedians and the Humans, which we can see on the ancient pictures on the moon.

Each race got an Ancient Weapon. The Fishmen got Poseidon, the Sypedians got Pluton (not the Sunny, but the first Pluton or the technology to travel into the sky) and the Humans got Uranus.

  • To counter the Ancient Weapons

Sea Kings are mighty creatures and Poseidon can control them. Normal humans have no chance against a Sea King (except Raylight or Shanks :D), but with the power of devil fruits they can be beaten.

On the other side, devil fruit users lose the ability to swim and can’t conquer the fishman. The reason why devil fruit users can’t swim is: seastone contains a mineral called Pyrobloin, which gets ejected to the air by volcanos.

On the way to Fishman Island the Strawhats passed the underwater volcano region and we can see how the smoke goes into the ocean. So the ocean has to be full of the mineral pyrobloin.

Pluton as a ship on the sea can be easily destroyed by the sea kings.

And Pluton can destroy Uranus. I will explain this in the next part.

The destruction of Fishman Island by Luffy

Pluton hast the power to destroy the world!
Sengoku said the same thing about Whitebeard’s devil fruit.

So in my opinion it’s only the destruction of the world, which the World Government created -> the Red Line, Grand Line and the four Blues!

The Grand Line and the Blues only exists, because of the creation of the Red Line!
Whitebeard’s earthquake devil fruit was threat to the Red Line.
And Pluton is a threat to, or rather something on the moon is threat to the Red Line.

  • Why and how was the Red Line created?

Before the Void Century there were no Red Line and we had All Blue (Sanji’s dream). Then the Red Line was created by undersea volcanos. That’s the reason why there’s the under water volcano region. All Blue disappeared and the new World Government controls the ocean.

  • The destruction of the Red Line, Uranus and Fishman Island

Pluton will bring the Strawhats to the moon. From there they will destroy Uranus. And with the destruction of Uranus, the Red Line and Fishman Island will go down to. The promised ship Noah will bring the Fishmen on the surface.

  • How will they destroy Uranus?

That’s the most speculative part about this, so don’t be too hard on me. I heard some theories that state that a solar eclipse will be caused but i want to show another option.

We know Enel is on the moon. This was his big goal from the beginning. He learned about the history of the Skypedians and thought it was his destiny to travel to the moon. This was only possible, because of his electric devil fruit and his ship Maxim.

There will be a reunion between Luffy and Enel for sure! What if Luffy uses Enel with his electric power to destroy Uranus (like Enels technique “Heavens Judgement”). Of course it has to be more powerful (maybe reinforced by some technologies or the city birka). I think it’s no coincidence that Luffy is immune with his rubber fruit against Enel’s electricity and both of them will have their reunion to the finale on the moon. There has to be something bigger behind this.

With the journey to the moon and the destruction of Uranus/ Red Line/ Fishman Island all the dreams of the Straw Hat Crew will be fulfilled.

  • Luffy becoming Pirate King and finding One Piece (the whole world united as one, and not divided into Blues and the Grand Line)
  • Sanji finding All Blue
  • Franky build his dream ship that conquered the world
  • Nico Robin knowing all about the Void Century
  • Nami being on the moon will help her to draw a detailed map from the whole world
  • Chopper finding a medicine that can cure every illness. Even the space illness Roger had and Luffy will eventualy get to.
  • Jinbe – with the destruction of Fishman Island, the Fishmen have to go on the surface. With the downfall of the Celestial Dragons and the World Government, Fishmen can life peacefuly side by side with the humans.
  • Brook – with the destruction of the Red Line he can be reunited with Laboon.

(Of course Usopp and Zoro will have fulfilled their dreams too, but that it isn’t in the context with the Moon/FishmanIsland/RedLine)

*Theory by Wolfram87

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