The Beginning of Kaido’s War!


After the Whole Cake Island Arc ends and before the war between the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance and Beasts Pirates officially begins I believe we will see the fierce Yonko Crew simultaneously attack three significant locations in declaration of Kaido’s “Greatest War the world has ever seen”.


Historical Inspiration

I think it’s obvious Oda is pulling inspiration from the Mongols for the Beasts Pirates theme and aesthetic. The Mongols occupied Northern China and bits of Siberia, it was a cold place with savage people living in tents and barbarism in their culture. We can see Kaido and Jack wearing barbaric like clothing, somewhat resembling Chinese or far east Asian culture.



The biggest aspect the Mongols and Beasts Pirates share is their brutality. When the Mongols arrived, they would demand the the cities total surrender and obedience, otherwise, they would literally murder everyone, rape the women, steal valuables, burn the houses and all their culture with it, killing almost an estimated 50 million people in their existence. Most notably, they made a mountain of skulls as a warning to the next towns. This is very similar to what Jack’s did in Zou and what he’s famous for, Jack the Drought, one of the Three Calamities, everywhere he goes is left extinct and in ruins.

The Mongols were also famous for their strategy:

  • Ghengis Khan resorted into learning to make siege weapons, when faced with unfamiliar defenses, large walled cities. From his newly joined deserters and generals of his enemies, he would ask them to make him catapults and include them in his army. Again, we find this in Jack’s use of the newly developed weapon, Koro, when his tactics failed.
  • Due to the Mongol’s ability to adapt to almost any environment no matter weather, terrain, resources allowed to conquer quickly as their mobility completely overwhelmed their enemies. Once again, similar to what the Beasts Pirates did in their invasion of Zou.

Extract: The Beasts Pirates pull inspiration from the Mongols and thus share many traits. Most important of which is their brutality and powerful mobility.


In Kaido’s first introduction we see he intends to start “The Greatest War this world has ever seen”. Many assumed this war to be with Luffy and his Allies but this moment happened before Kaido knew about Doflamingo’s downfall. Even after he learns Luffy and Law were the ones who took down Doflamingo he still doesn’t consider them serious threats.

Kaido intends to start a war and it is not with Luffy, at least not at the moment. I believe this war against the world will begin with an attack on three targets by Kaido’s Calamities. These three locations will be: ZouFishman Island, and the Reverie.

I came to these three locations from the popular theory that Kaido’s Calamities have powers which reflect the three parts of earth: land, sea, and sky. Kaido is described as the strongest creature on land, sea, and sky so it’s logical to think his strongest subordinates will reflect that.

  • Jack-Land
  • Queen(tentative name)-Sea
  • King(tentative name)- Sky

1. Jack will be rescued and return to Zou looking for Raizo but instead he finds Kozuki Momonosuke and this time an injured Inuarashi is the only thing standing in his way.

Inuarashi also stated the Beasts Pirates have a vivre card and an another attack is likely. This would be a good way to bring Momo to Wano as he can’t be on Zou for the arc that involves his father and family heritage.

2. The next target would be Fishman Island attacked by the Queen Calamity. The Queen Calamity might have a water or swimming related power (Fishman/Merman Martial Arts, Zoan) which would be perfect for the underwater environment of Fishman Island. But why would the Beasts Pirates attack Fishman Island? This idea comes from the old theory that Caribou gave the information away the Ancient Weapon Posiden is on Fishman Island after X-Drake captured him.

Whether or not the Beasts Pirates will succeed in capturing Shirahoshi remains to be seen.

3. The last target will be the Reverie, attacked by the King Calamity. The King Calamity might have a power related to the sky or flying which would allow him to reach Mariejois as it is located very high in the sky. The reason why the Beasts Pirates would attack the Reverie is it’s a gathering of the world’s leaders. What better way to declare your intention of war than to attack that meeting?

*Theory by Law0


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