The compelling similarities between Nico Robin and Toko


I believe Robin and Toko have quite some similarities. I found it touching, so please allow me to share my findings.

A traumatic experience


Robin herself lost a parent at a similar age, after being separated for a while.

For a girl that can conjure up hands, an emphasis was made on her holding hands with her own parents.


So I wasn’t surprised when Robin knew exactly what Toko needed: the warmth of a parent’s embrace.


She kept holding on to her for a while, as Toko was still in her arms during the strategy meeting.

An expression of grief

They were also somewhat similar in the way they expressed grief.

Only Robin had a “choice”, while Toko is imprisoned by laughter.

The panel with the people from Ebisu – and especially o-Toko – being finally capable of freely expressing their grief, is one I’m looking forward to a lot. I wonder if Robin will be there to witness it and if Oda decides to emphasize this.

*by halalkitty

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