The Complete Roster of the Rocks Pirates on God Valley


The Complete Roster of the Rocks Pirates on God Valley

Over 44 years ago, the Rocks Pirates crew was formed on Hachinosu. They went on to become the strongest crew of their time, to the point of threatening the World Government itself. Thirty-eight years ago, they attacked several World Nobles and their slaves on God Valley.
In Chapter 1096, almost all members of the Rocks Pirates crew are seen arriving on the God Valley Island.


Let’s see all the members:

“Whitebeard” Edward Newgate: age 36

This chapter makes Whitebeard seem like the vice-captain of the crew as shown by him ordering everyone around by default as Rocks runs off to engage in battle. This crew has far more animosity for each other than a crew like the Straw Hats, as shown with Whitebeard yelling “Since when did I say I’d let an idiot like you give me orders?”, making it reminiscent of Law yelling at Luffy for throwing away their plans at the first moment possible. This makes more sense as the Rocks Pirates are often referred to more as an alliance of strong pirates than a loyal crew.

We don’t know much about Whitebeard during this time other than his alleged relationship with Stussy, somewhat proven by her spot atop his shoulder. Edward Weevil was born 35 years ago, so he holds no relevance to the story here. He is seen in possession of the Murakumogiri.

Charlotte “Big Mom” Linlin (and “Gourmet Knight” Streusen): age 30 (and 54)


There is a lot to unpack here with Big Mom. Her personality is very self-centered, treating this invasion as a competition rather than Whitebeard’s serious tone. She was seemingly after Devil Fruits first and foremost as seen by her blitzing the treasure and depriving us of a BIG FACED Azure Dragon, but it is unknown if she was after a particular one. Considering tons of her children are Devil Fruit users, she may have been stockpiling them early.

She is seen with Prometheus and possibly Napoleon at this point, but Zeus is nowhere to be seen. We do know from her post-cannibalism flashback in Whole Cake Island that she did create him by this point though.


Streusen is also seen far in the corner of the page of the Rocks’ introduction. At this point, Big Mom has had at least 29 children with 12 husbands (30 with 13 depending on whether Mont-d’or has already been born/conceived)…

  • Perospero is around 12
  • Compote is around 11
  • Katakuri, Daifuku and Oven were around 10 (this is the year Katakuri became “invincible” to protect Brulee)
  • Mondee, Amande, Hachee and Effilee were around 9
  • Opera, Counter, Cadenza, Cabaletta and Gala were around 8
  • Cracker, Custard and Angel were around 7
  • Zuccotto was around 6
  • Brulee and Broye were around 5
  • Nusstorte, Basskarte and Dosmarche were around 4
  • Noisette was around 3
  • Moscato, Mash and Cornstarch were around 2
  • Compo and Laurin were around 1
  • Mont-d’or was either born or she is pregnant with him (or soon to be)

I don’t think any of her children went to God Valley, I assume they were left at whatever town Katakuri’s flashback took place in (maybe it was Hachinosu?).

Kaidou “of the Beasts”: age 21

Kaidou’s goal at God Valley is less clear. He is a young apprentice at this point and is likely trying to build his name and wealth prior to starting his own crew. Upon arrival, he seems to hold some anger against Roger, claiming “he’s the one person I…” before being cut off by Big Mom. It’s hard to tell if those forehead veins are caused by the thought of Roger or if he is always just that angry. There aren’t any glaring connections between Kaidou (or his previous homeland Vodka Kingdom) and Roger at this point, but perhaps they crossed paths either before or during his time with Rocks.

We of course now know that his Devil Fruit was a prize at God Valley, as Big Mom snatched it away from Ivankov and later gave it to Kaidou in return for owing her a favor. He is seen in possession of his menacing kanabo during the attack.

It is known that Kaidou’s alliance with Orochi was orchestrated by Higurashi Kurozumi, who gained his interest by offering Wano as a weapons factory in exchange for his protection of the Kurozumi family. This fact, along with Higurashi being able to replicate Shiki’s face using her Devil Fruit, makes me believe that she had a run in with the Rocks Pirates at some point in the story. It was likely that during this time, she witnessed Kaidou’s strength and copied Shiki’s face. However, she returned to Wano 41 years ago (3 years before the God Valley incident), so she was not present at God Valley.

“Golden Lion” Shiki: unknown age

If Whitebeard was acting like the Law to Rocks’ Luffy, then Shiki is definitely the Eustass Kid of this alliance. He’s hostile to Whitebeard’s taking over in the absence of Rocks and is confident in his abilities. We know that Shiki’s aspirations are to rule the world, but we do not know if that was always his intention, or if he inherited that from Rocks. He seems most raring for a fight, reflecting his respect of strength that drove him to invade Marineford after Roger surrendered himself. He is seen in possession of his named blades Oto and Kogarashi.

Those with a keen eye may remember Higurashi Kurozumi using her Mane Mane no Mi to take on the face of Shiki when meeting with Orochi years ago.

She told Orochi that she fled Wano after the Kurozumi clan was persecuted 81 years ago, meaning she traveled the seas for around 40 years, eventually returning to Wano 41 years ago (21 years before the death of Oden [and herself]). She spent the last 21 years of her life plotting to make Orochi the shogun, culminating in success despite her death at the hands of Shiki’s old ally, Kaidou. While 41 years was a long time outside of Wano, she likely met Shiki not long before returning to Wano based on his copied appearance not looking too much younger than it is at God Valley. Perhaps the Mythical Hebi Hebi no Mi was the last piece she needed to take Wano and she crossed paths with Rocks when trying to obtain this rare, powerful Devil Fruit. Considering Shiki is always shown in traditional-looking Japanese clothing, maybe his connection to Wano in the past is even deeper than is currently implied.

Miss Buckingham Stussy: age 38

Stussy’s goal in Rocks seems to be securing an easy future. We have no proof of her strength, but if her clone’s prowess as a CP0 member is any indication, she must have been strong. However, her status as a freeloader amongst MADS makes me think she just wanted to get by without putting in much effort. She is seen throwing herself at Whitebeard, making “a fool of herself” in Gloriosa’s words. It’s possible she was trying to put on a damsel-ish act in an attempt to woo Whitebeard, which apparently worked in the long run. Weevil was born 3 years after the God Valley Incident, meaning she and Whitebeard remained together (in some capacity) for 3 years after the disbanding of their crew. Even after their (alleged) child came of age and Whitebeard died, her main goal was to use Weevil to take Whitebeard’s treasure, which she felt she deserved to inherit, further supporting her seemingly greedy intentions.

Some surprising or lesser known members…

“Captain” John: unknown age

We’ve known about Captain John since Buggy mentioned his desire to find his treasure. We later learned in Thriller Bark, where we encountered his zombie, that he hid his treasure so that his crewmates couldn’t get any of it, resulting in his death via mutiny. Luffy happened to grab his treasure mark, eventually trading it to Buggy in exchange for help making it to the lowest level of Impel Down. This is the first time we have seen him alive, giving us confirmation that it wasn’t just his zombie’s shadow that enjoyed drinking. His clothing seems almost identical to what he is wearing in the flashback.

“Silver Axe”: unknown age

Considering both Captain John and the man with the helmet shown in Chapter 1096 were among the General Zombies led by Absalom back in Thriller Bark, it wouldn’t be crazy to think that the zombie standing in between them with the silver axe… is Silver Axe. We do not see this man (or woman) in the God Valley flashback, so information on this character is very limited. However, considering Moria had the bodies of (very likely) 3 Rocks members, the “Sword God” Ryuma and “Continent-Puller” Oars, we can safely say that his incompetence knows no bounds, even if he was up against the Strawhats.

“Elder Nyon” Gloriosa – unknown age

Initially this was a surprise to me because I thought the story would flow much better if Shakuyaku was a member of Rocks. Shakky has also previously told Luffy that Garp chased her during her time as a pirate. However, after a little research, Shakky claimed to have quit piracy 42 years ago (4 years prior to the God Valley Incident) and founded her Rip-Off Bar on Sabaody Archipelago.

Empresses of Amazon Lily are chosen by strength, and are therefore neither generational nor inherited through bloodlines. As such, Gloriosa and her replacement, Shakky, could be relatively close in age. When Gloriosa left the island at an unknown time to follow a mystery man with whom she fell in love with, Shakky took over as the empress of Amazon Lily and the captain of the Kuja Pirates. This means that from the timespan of 42 years ago (when Shakky retired) to 13 years ago (when Boa Hancock became empress 2 years after returning to Amazon Lily) – a period of at least 27 years – a still unknown empress reigned over the Kuja. At some point during this time, Gloriosa was pardoned for her abandonment by the unknown empress before Hancock, but it is unknown if this occurred before or after the Boa sisters’ escape from Mariejois. I would think it was the safe return of the Boa Sisters that leveraged that pardon.

Firstly, who was the mystery man that Gloriosa fell in love with and followed? It would make sense that this man was also a member of the Rocks Pirates (perhaps Rocks himself). Also, did she have any children with this man? Kuja only give birth to female babies, but that hardly cuts down the possibilities.

After the Rocks Pirates disbanded, it is known that Gloriosa lived with Shakky and Rayleigh on Sabaody Archipelago for some time, and then returned to her homeland with Boa Hancock in hand 15 years ago. Did she set Shakky up with a handsome vice captain she fought with at God Valley? Were Shakky and Rayleigh already together at this point, making God Valley a weird extended-family reunion/brawl? We have yet to know the answers.

Some unknowns…

Ochoku/Wang Zhi?: unknown age

I think Ochoku has to be the man in the glasses. He is one of the only named members of Rocks to have seemingly no visual clues yet in the story. He is probably still alive because Blackbeard took Hachinosu away from him during the Rocky Port Incident. There’s a good chance he will have some level of story relevance in the future, so that’s why I think they bothered to show him, but also obscure his face. He appears to have a hat and glasses, but that’s all we can see in Chapter 1096.

His name takes inspiration from a real-life Chinese pirate lord, so perhaps this character has ties to the Kano Kingdom. Don Chinjao, a member of Roger’s generation and former head of one of Kano’s naval fleets, faced off against Garp several times and holds distaste for Rayleigh, implying skirmishes with Roger as well. Even if it wasn’t Chinjao or a member of his family, there are multiple Navies affiliated with Kano Kingdom (the Niho Navy for example) that may partake in pirating activity.

A Fishman: unknown age

It seems every important pirate crew always has a Fishman in its ranks. Roger had Sunbell, Whitebeard had Namur, Luffy has Jinbe, Kaidou had Jack, and Big Mom had Praline. I wish we could learn more about these characters’ backgrounds, as the history of the Fishman race is such a powerful plot-point throughout the series. Fisher Tiger only formed the Sun Pirates 15 years ago at what seemed like a rallying moment for his fellow fishmen (the invasion of Mariejois), so what were the motivations and past experiences of members of Rogers’ generation like Sunbell and this new Rocks member? Did he wish for Rocks D. Xebec to rule the world to make all equal? Did he want revenge on a world that enslaved his people and called them less than human? I hope we find out.

Many made a great connection between this Fishman and yet another General Zombie from Thriller Bark. The body shapes match up and with his face obscured, it’s difficult to refute. Very eagle-eyed observation.

Helmet Guy: unknown age

We don’t see much of this character in Chapter 1096, but his identical helmet and facial hair are practically confirmation that the centaur-looking General Zombie standing alongside Captain John is in-fact another Rocks member. He can’t be Ochoku, because this man died prior to the start of the series and Ochoku was alive during the time skip. I also doubt he is Silver Axe because, well… I don’t see an axe anywhere. As such, this is likely a character whose name has probably never been given. Judging by his zombie, he must be a very large man, likely wielding a sword like in Thriller Bark. It is unknown if the centaur legs were sewn on by Hogback or if they were originally his, but considering the minks aren’t half man half animal in the same way merfolk function, I would go with Hogback’s experimentation. However, we haven’t seen what a half-mink looks like, so who really knows.

Other Thriller Bark General Zombies?:

Why not consider other members of the Thriller Bark zombies as well. The General Zombies were stated by the zombie Buhichuck to consist of “vigorous warriors” having “made a name for themselves” in life. This is the elite group that even overpowered Luffy and delivered him to Moria (though I doubt Luffy took this fight seriously). I have no proof of these zombies being former Rocks members, but I will keep them in mind the next flashback we get.

Now you may be wondering… What about Rocks D. Xebec?

Rocks D. Xebec is a man shrouded in mystery. All we know is that he formed the Rocks Pirates with the purpose of becoming King of the World. Based on Gloriosa saying “Today’s the day we settle this” and Stussy saying “This is gonna be the decisive battle!”, I am assuming that the God Valley Incident was vital to his goals. The fact that Roger and Garp defended nobles from Xebec implies that his success was far worse for the world than the slavery and general evil of the nobles.

While we didn’t get the big Rocks D. Xebec reveal this chapter (and likely still won’t for a while), I am 50% sure we may have gotten a small reveal in the corner of the Rocks’ introduction panel. As we know from dialogue bubbles, Xebec ran off ahead of his crew to fight, reminiscent to Whitebeard and Roger doing the same during the Wano flashback. When we see Whitebeard, Shiki and the rest of the crew deciding what to do next, we see a figure running away from the crew, which could be Xebec flying off to engage in battle. One detail that stands out is the claws on the figure’s right hand. Xebec using a claw would make a lot of sense considering Blackbeard is his number one fanboy and also used claws during his rookie days. In other depictions on Xebec, we do see him wielding a sword, but he is seen holding it in his LEFT hand, leaving room for claws in his right.

The other 50% of my certainty makes me believe this figure could be… you guessed it! Another figure seen among the General Zombies!

This zombie wielded claws as well, which was the major similarity that brought me to this conclusion. Both he and the clawed figure in Chapter 1096 wear a cape and have some material (either armor or cloth) covering their upper leg. Yes, that is all I have to go off of. Maybe the zombie in question is Blackbeard’s father who served faithfully under Xebec, hence the claw similarity? Maybe Xebec is Blackbeard’s father! Who honestly knows other than Oda himself? Personally I think the figure in Chapter 1096 IS Xebec, but there’s no way to be sure for another few hundred chapters probably.

*by br4d1cal

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