The Connection between Kozuki Oden/Gol D. Roger and Wano Events


First, about Kozuki Oden what we know?


•The Kozuki family has the skill to build Poneglyphs, to read & to write them.

•Oden was in Whitebeard’s Crew before Roger’s after of escaping from a closed border Wanokuni.

•Roger recruited Oden to travel in Raftel direction (now Laugh Tale) and to discover the secrets of the world (Void Century, D. legacy & One Piece, that have to be all related finally).


•As Kozuki Momonosuke, Luffy and Roger, he can hear “The Voice of All Things”.


The main mystery and the final cliffhanger of the last extraordinary manga chapters lead us to? Some questions to resolve:

•What is the connection between Kozuki Oden and the current events in Wano considering the Yonko Alliance and Rocks?

•What is the coicidence that Sengoku and Sakazuki talk about related with Kozuki Oden?

•What offered Roger to Whitebeard for letting Kozuki Oden leave the crew? Maybe a promise or agreement?

•Why Kozuki Oden decided to sail with Roger’s crew in the last journey to the final island Raftel?

Also we come to know that not only Whitebeard & Roger favoured Kozuki Oden, but also Shanks:

•Could be a correlation between the last lost Road Poneglyph and Shanks related with Kozuki Oden knowledge about the hidden history of One Piece?

Maybe Kozuki Oden saved all what he knew about everything that lived and saw with Roger’s crew in History Poneglyphs somewhere in Wano, hoping that someday Momonosuke and the ” man who Roger was waiting for” could open all the secrets that could lead them to find the truth about everything.

*by Jake Wu Long

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