The Final Battle in Wano


Wano has always been expected to be the arc where Luffy and Law bring down KAIDO.


However, things are shaping up to be more than that. Oda has brought BIG MOM into the picture.

As of now, we can safely say that Wano is not just about Kaido, Orochi and some Samurais. It’s about another Yonko crew and many Supernovas as well.


I have been seeing posts about which Strawhat will fight which All-Star, etc… But I haven’t seen many posts mentioning where Big Mom fits into all this. WHO WILL BIG MOM FIGHT?

Let’s consider 2 options:

  1. Kaido and Big Mom decide to eliminate all the Supernovas, who have constantly been a thorn at their side. I am certain that Big Mom & Kaido share mutual hateful sentiments against the Worst Generation. We know that Luffy, Urouge, Apoo, Bege and Kid invaded Big Mom’s territory, and she obviously dislikes them for that. If this is the case, it will be a giant Scabbards-Supernova Alliance VS Two Emperors.
  2. Big Mom seeks revenge against Kaidou for hurling her ship and crew away. Does this mean she will team up with Law & Luffy, against Kaido and his subordinate Supernovas? Maybe ‘teaming up’ is the wrong term, and she will probably go her own way to do it herself. In this case, it will be Big Mom VS Kaido.

I personally don’t see the second option happening (Big Mom VS Kaido), because it looks like Oda wants a brawl between the Yonko & Supernovas (considering how many of them are currently present in Wano).

There is undoubtedly a huge strength gap between a Supernova Alliance & two Yonkos. Can we expect the entry of another major player to balance the scale? Can we expect an Admiral, Shichibukai, or another Yonko like Shanks??

Oda has kept Shanks low-key for 80% of the story. If now is not a good time to pull him out, then when? Luffy is in a load of trouble with two Yonkous after him, and Shanks may come to rescue/fight alongside him for this exact reason.

What are your thoughts about the climax of Wano arc?

*Theory by soham27s

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