The four strongest Bounty Hunters of West Blue, North Blue and South Blue. Their identity and role.


I. East Blue – Roronoa Zoro the Pirate HunterZoro had quite the reputation as a “bounty” and “pirate hunter” throughout East Blue. It hasn’t been mentioned explicitely, but I think it’s safe to assume that he was in fact the most notorious bounty hunter in all of East Blue, going by his nickname and the fact that people such as Arlong, Krieg and Smoker were the strongest pirates and marines likewise.

II. West Blue – Daz Bones the Killer

Second, we have Daz Bones, known as “the killer” (or assassin) during his bounty-hunting days at West Blue, and according to Smoker’s reaction he must’ve been quite a big deal.
We can only speculate that his epithet stems from the fact that he’d rather bring in the fugitives dead than alive. It’s only a little detail, but I think Daz was to West Blue what Zoro was to the East Blue. Funny enough they both left their profession as bounty hunters to join other groups and I think this trend will continue in the past.

III. Nort Blue – Shiryu of the RainMany people have already speculated that Shiryuu hails from Wano, things such as his Japanese mannerism, his epithet and him being a swordsman make it very possible. But why did he leave Wano in the first place? Maybe he was exciled or left for a journey who knows. We have also learned that the Samurai hate pirates, so it makes sense that he would become a notorious bounty hunter at first and later join the World Government. Since North Blue ist the most lawless of the four oceans and closest to the New World, it makes it a perfect backstory location for Shiryuu that we will only learn about once he fights Zoro, a fellow former bounty hunter.

IV. South Blue – Ryokugyu the Green BullThis is 100% speculation now, but I believe either Fujitora or Ryokugyu was originally a bounty hunter. For this theory, I’m gonna assume Ryokugyu. And South Blue is the least well known of the four oceans, so it kinda fits. What I think is that Ryokugyu started out as a bounty hunter in South Blue and over time became known as the “new world’s most fearsome bounty hunter”. Furthermore, in the movie “Zatoichi vs. Yojinbo” holds two interesting details that could parallel Fuji and Ryo. First, they call each other “monster” and “beast”, implying equality. And second, Yojinbo is also portrayed as some sort of bounty hunter or at least someone who only works at a price. So maybe Ryokugyu is the exact opposite of Fujitora who joined the marines out of idealism, whilst Ryokugyu may have joined out of opportunism because the World Government offered him a huge amount of money so he gave up his bounty-hunting business?

Finally, the order in which Zoro will defeat them and claim his title as the world’s strongest (former) bounty hunter on top of that.

1. vs. Daz Bones (duh) – Zoro had to cut iron in order to defeat him (=breath of all things).

2. vs. Ryokugyu – Cutting through an admiral’s armament haki will be a huge deal.

3. vs. Shiryuu – Splitting diamonds to become the world’s greatest swordsman and whatnot.

What do you think?

*Theory by Charlotte Crunch

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