The Future of Trafalgar Law


The Future of Trafalgar Law

In this theory, I’ll explain how Trafalgar Law will return to the story.


To answer this question, we’ll go through 3 main points.

  1. The dream of Trafalgar D. Water Law
  2. Law’s future (Vivi)
  3. Amber Lead disease (Ju Peter) Let’s get started!

1. The dream of Trafalgar D. Water Law

Law’s dream is to know about the meaning of D. and the checkered fate that surrounds it, Law wants to uncover the true history.

Recently, Trafalgar Law lost against Blackbeard and his submarine was destroyed.

Thankfully, Law was saved by Sulong Bepo, making it likely that he returns to the story.


Blackbeard said it himself that people’s dreams don’t ever end so it would be ironical for Blackbeard to end Law’s dream.

Even if Law’s journey as a pirate might have ended here, Law’s dream did not end!


2. Law’s future (Vivi)

The question now is how will Law return to the story if his submarine was destroyed?

A popular theory is that Law may join the Revolutionary Army or the Strawhat crew/fleet.

Personally, I think that Law may join Nefertari D. Vivi and I will give you all of the arguments for that!

To explain this, we have to go back to when Cobra met the Gorosei and Imu.

Cobra said that Queen Nefertari Lily was one of the first 20 kings.

Shockingly, we learned that her name was in fact Nefertari D. Lily!

Right before his death, Cobra asked Sabo to tell Nefertari D. Vivi that she shares the moniker “D.”

Cobra finally knows the path Alabasta must follow!

Lily left a letter talking about the meaning of D.

Bear the flag of the Dawn against the World“.

Vivi’s mission is related to the letter as Cobra wants her to take care of Alabasta’s fate.

– Vivi bears the meaning of D. through Lily’s letter.

– Trafalgar Law wants to learn the meaning of D.

I believe that Law may join Nefertari D. Vivi’s path at spreading the meaning of D. and bearing the flag of the Dawn against the world!

Moreover, Morgans saved both Vivi and Wapol.

Will Morgans also save Trafalgar Law and Bepo so Law will ends up joining Vivi’s path?

The connection between Vivi and Law may run even deeper than this!

Law’s complete name is Trafalgar D. Water Law.

Queen Nefertari D. Lily is inspired from Ancient Egypt:

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