The Incident that has occurred in Reverie – Explained


A week has passed since the end of the recent Reverie. Three news leaves the world in awe:


1-An Obituary (A death)
2-The Results of the Voting
3-An Assassination

The World Government send a CP0 agent to have Morgan conceal an incident, but he doesn’t. This more or less tells us that the news that we’re told by Morgans is TRUE no matter how unbelievable it may be.

The question is which of these 3 is the incident the World Government want concealed?

The results of the voting? We can cross that out as something worth hiding. It was a vote by all 50 kings, it’s something that would have to be publicly disclosed. That leaves us with:

  1. An Obituary
  2. An Assassination

How do we deduce which it the news the Government want concealed? It’s hinted in Garp’s words… it’s what the World Government is using all it’s resources to resolve, and that is the Alabasta incident.



Out of the 2 incidents we have left, there is the assassin and the death of a character. Very likely the assassination. They attempted to kill the Nefeltari family and failed. Thus, why they want it covered up that there was an assassination in Mariejoa of all places.

Even if the news doesn’t say the CP0 tried to kill one of the families that took part in the Reverie, it leaves room for speculation and conspiracy theories. It makes the World Government less trusted I believe.



By the process of elimination, we’re left with he killed someone. Who did he likely kill? Kuma, because Kuma is being defiled. He’s more or less a living corpse as Franky and Karausu said, and thus, killing him is a form of mercy. Bare in mind that Morgan’s news has to be true because he refused to take any bribes.

I think this is why the Revolutionary Army are so devastated, it sounds out of character to kill and they may not understand his actions. The idea Sabo killed someone must be shocking.

I did initially think Sabo and the Revolutionary Army were defeated and arrested, but it doesn’t really justify Ivankov’s reaction such as not believing whatever is unambiguously not disclosed. If he were defeated, that’s not something to be surprised about, they were 4 commanders going up against Admirals and CP0 in their own backyard, they must have been ready for such a development.

Somehow, I feel compelled to consolidate all reactions to 1 thing that happened, but maybe 2 things happened regarding Sabo to explain all these reactions.

The Mountain bandits behave like he’s dying or dead, maybe he got injured and this is why they’re while maybe, he also did kill Kuma which would make sense of Ivankov’s reaction which is disbelief. I feel like they’d (RA) would be prepared for damages especially against the WG, so they shouldn’t be surprised by such outcomes whereas they’d surely be more startled by out of character actions.


From the context, it’s possible to tell what the plan is.

  1. Point 1, even with the combined forces of the world, their plan is impossible meaning this plan needs military power.
  2. Point 2 & 3, they planned to make a move (attack) because of the lack of man power.
  3. Another pieces of context that some may not be aware of is regarding X Drake. X Drake joined Kaido purposefully at all costs unlike those who made alliances to defeat which seemed odd. To join purposefully implies he had an intention. More so being an “ex” Navy, I always believed him a spy.

With this pieced together, it seems to me the plan was like the others, to find Kaido’s weakness and thus, defeat an Emperor.

X Drake Joined Kaido a year ago, I’m assuming he was already a part of Sword long before this. He became a Supernova for this very purpose, of infiltrating Wano to take down Kaido.

I’m assuming Sword was therefore formed before the time-skip very likely under Sengoku given that Kizaru seemingly had no idea X Drake was an agent. My next and final subtopic will be a corollary to this.


The Navy Admirals clearly show disdain for the Shichibukai system, yet the Gorosei keep employing them. Kizaru showed disdain for Kuma as a Shichibukai after he acted out of line and Kizaru said this is why Pirates can never be trusted.

Akainu for the life of him couldn’t fathom why he sent an Admiral to Dressrosa to apprehend Joker who was no longer a Shichibukai only to be told that the news was false.

There is trend, the agenda and goals of the Navy and the Gorosei (whilst all being under the World Government) differ. The Gorosei make deals with Pirates with the use of CP0, and if we recall what they said to Akainu? The Navy is just the outward face of the World Government, they’re just there to look good to the public.

This is why X Drake is surprised that CP0 is in Wano, the Navy are somewhat oblivious and are merely being manipulated. This is why the abolishment of the Shichibukai is surprising to me, but I feel they will return.


Initially, I assumed he was attempting to find Sabo assuming he was heading to Impel Down to kill him and acquire his fruit. It seems in light of all the information, Blackbeard is after Kuma’s devil fruit. Kuma is probably being buried at home as a form of mercy and Blackbeard is heading over there to acquire his ability.

*Theory by HPsyche

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