The Last Mission of the Remnants of the Roger Pirates!


24 Years before the current storyline, Gol D. Roger was sentenced to death and executed in Logue Town.


We know that Roger had an illness that couldn’t be cured, and he had acquired everything he wanted after completely exploring the Grand Line including the final island, Laugh Tale.

Nearing the end of his life, Roger disbanded the Roger Pirates before his execution… or so we think. But what if the Roger Pirates had one last mission?


Let me explain.

1. An Unfinished Mission


The Roger Pirates were the only pirates ever who successfully explored the final island Laugh Tale. On the final island, they found a treasure left behind 800 years ago by Joy Boy and learned the truth behind the Void Century, Ancient Weapons, and the meaning of the D.

We know that the Roger Pirates have found out about the truth, but they didn’t act on it. Roger was terminally ill, and no matter what was inscribed on the Rio Poneglyph, he was in no condition to act on it if they wanted to. So what if the final mission of the Roger Pirates was to inspire and guide a successor that could complete their story and their journey by finding out about the truth themselves and having the possibility to act on it?

2. Detailing the Plan step by step

It is possible that some core members of the Roger Pirates are actively pursuing this final mission and seeking its success. I will explain this in the next few sections.

Inspiring the New Generation

We all know that no matter what is inscribed on the Rio Poneglyph, some people will only act out of selfishness like Blackbeard. This could be the reason why Whitebeard clearly stated that Blackbeard wasn’t the person Roger was waiting for.

It was necessary for the Roger Pirates to find the right person, and it is likely that no capable pirate during their era was suited for the job. They needed a certain event that would inspire a new generation of pirates that would ultimately result in a suitable successor. This all resulted in Roger turning himself in and proclaiming that he left all his treasure at “that place” during his public execution.

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