The Legendary Devil Fruit the Five Elders are referring to in Chapter 1037!


At the end of Chapter 1037 we see the Five Elders are having a discussion about the Wano war at Mary Geoise.

  • “Robin must’ve been apprehended by now”

This shows that they don’t have live informations but more like reports bit by bit so they are not aware of Zunesha yet otherwise they’d know for a fact that Robin is still not apprehended.

  • “It wouldn’t be out of place for someone to die unexpectedly … During a war … chance to erase a nuisance”

The nuisance they are mentioning here is most probably not a pirate. Why would they need an excuse such as a war for their disappearance? What they did hear during some reports tho, is the presence of somebody being acknowledged by the samurais as the true heir of Wano, Momonosuke, since it happened before the raid started. This could create issue for the World Government to rule over Wano without looking like bad guys. I see this as a political “nuisance” for them and using the war as an excuse for his death so they don’t look bad.

  • “The fruit is a legend ! It hasn’t awakened for centuries ! They were hiding the fruit’s true name from the annals”

From the reports, they had informations about the samurais coming back from the past BEFORE the raid started. Orochi confirmed that veracity to CP-0 from Kanjuro being his spy and his intel (+ way of transmitting them) reappearing 20 years later. That “true heir” Momonosuke is becoming more likely and real if you believe that Devil Fruit allowing Time Travel is actualy real. I believe the Toki Toki No Mi devil fruit is the one they’re talking, Toki’s multiple jumps in the future explained perfectly the absence of it for centuries AND during her presence with Oden we never saw her fighting nor that she’d need to use again the power so no one knows about its existence.

It is also unusual that her name is the same as the fruit, both of which mean “time” in Japanese. Imagine if other devil fruit users also bore the names of their fruit like that, “Hi my name is Hana, and I ate the Hana-Hana fruit.” I believe Toki, or Oda, lied about the name of her fruit, providing her own name as the fruit’s to mislead. I believe that the actual name of Toki’s devil fruit could be the History-History fruit (Rekishi Rekishi No Mi). The fruit’s basic ability is jumping forward in time, as Toki said one cannot change the past. When the fruit is awakened the user can erase the past from everyone’s mind similar to Pudding’s Memo Memo No Mi. This is how the Void Century was created. Either Toki got the fruit just after its user died and then fled, or somehow she was the one who did it and is fleeing the consequences.

About the annals, maybe they’re refering to the book Blackbeard used to find the Yami Yami No Mi? To me, it makes more sense this way than Zunesha being a devil fruit user or Tama’s fruit being able to control Zunesha since they are not aware of its presence. Luffy’s devil fruit is known from them for AGES, even before the Summit War. Same goes for Law.

And that leads to my last prediction:

  • Why is Zunesha here???

It might be multiple reasons obviously but my guess is that Zunesha has heard Luffy’s call while he was in the Ocean and started its way from there. The submarine wasn’t getting clear informations, they were “driven” towards him without knowing what was calling BUT Momonosuke managed to delay very clearly his message to everyone! Why is that? Momonosuke and Luffy have something in common, the Voice of All Things, they both heard Zunesha during Jack’s attack. This power has been redundant from the very beginning but lately more and more aiming towards Zunesha. We don’t know much about the specificity of that power, so maybe its reach could get to Zunesha and bring it here!

*Theory by Tall_Appearance_6019

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