The Mysterious Character recently introduced is linked to Shiki and the Rocks Pirates!


In the lastest chapter, Orochi met an old woman who could change her appearance with the Mane Mane no Mi devil fruit powers. She told him how the Kurozumi Family came close to seizing power before falling, and offered to help him take the title of Shogun.


This character’s presence in the story puts another layer of complexity and motivations on the already enormous puzzle that Wano is, and I’m sure his identity and motivations will prove extremely important.

This old woman is the reason for everything that’s happening in Wano, and she clearly has a reason to do all of this.


“My identity isn’t important” and the fact that she knows what a Devil Fruit is led me to believe that she must be a CP-0 agent in disguise, probably looking for a reliable way to deal in arms with Wano (by setting up Orochi as Shogun), which we know has extremely skilled craftsmiths and an ample supply of Seastone. The only question is how she came to know about Orochi. Also, how she died, I guess.


The problem with this theory is it doesn’t explain how Kaido fits into all of this.

The witch could be the reason why Kaido got involved in Wano. First of all, she said that she has travelled alot in her life. This shows that she probably has basic knowledge about the World Government, notorious pirates, etc… Second, she had the ability to mimic Shiki’s face.

Alright, this is where things start to get spicy. What if she was part of Rocks Pirates crew?

That would explain why she could touch Shiki’s face and why she knew Kaido.

*Theory by l4RN3l/Flagelllant

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