Who is the mysterious guy from the Revolutianary Army and what could be his power?

Today I want to talk about the mysterious guy we have seen in Doflamingo’s speech about the upcoming Throne Wars:


And here a closer look of him in the anime:

Some of you might think that it’s just Kuma, but nope, we have already seen Kuma’s face in the panel, so it’s definitly not him:


So, what can we tell about his appearance?

  • He has big lips
  • He has a hat which is really similiar to Sabo’s
  • He is probaly a serious guy just like his boss Dragon
  • It kinda looks like he has a beard, but it also could just be the shadow

Now let’s go further in detail.
You might be thinking that this is the only time we have seen him, but according to my researchs, we have already seen him before.

Look at this panel from the Dressrosa arc. Doesn’t the character marked below really look like the mysterious guy?


He has a hat just like him.
Some of you might be thinking that the character above is just random and he has nothing to do with the guy we are talking about, but do you really think that Oda would give point to a random character just like he did above? The guy above has a speech bubble, which means that he must be a quite noticeable character. He is acting serious, just like we have seen him in Doffy’s speech. So that gives it even more sense that the character above is the mysterious guy we are talking about.

So now that we know that we have already seen him in Dressrosa, what could his powers be?
Now I am gonna speculate a bit. It could be that he has the Crow Zoan fruit. Look at this panel:

We all know that normal animals can’t speak in One Piece, except for minks. As the crows we see in the panels have no sign of humanic appearance, they are not minks. So there must be a good reason why the one crow can talk. Most likely they have something to do with a DF. Maybe it’s the mysterious guy in his Zoan fruit and he can use his DF to turn into a crow, communicate and cooperate with other crows.

In the panel below we see another crow of the same looking. Keep in mind that the panel below is from the 3D2Y arc and the panel above from the Dressrosa arc, so they are exactly a 2 arc difference between both panels. Even if the mysterious guy doesn’t have a crow Zoan fruit, that crows must have a meaning in the revolutinary army.

*Theory by Echi

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