The Mysterious Prisoner is Finally Revealed!


In the Prisoner Mine, Luffy is attacked by the warden Babanuki, a Headliner of the Beasts Pirates, after saving Hyo from Daifugo.


Babanuki ate an elephant SMILE, which caused an elephant’s head to grow out of his chest. Unlike some other SMILE users, Babanuki appears to have full control over his elephant head, having been seen speaking through it. The elephant head is capable of unleashing powerful explosive blasts out of its trunk.

In Ebisu Town, Law, Usopp, and Franky meet Tonoyasu, who reveals that Zoro has gone after someone stole his sword, and the trio notices that Sanji is gone as well.


Meanwhile, Nami, Robin, and Shinobu go to the bathhouse, where they continue their discussion about Kyoshiro and the yakuza.


Shinobu reminisces about Hyogoro, recalling how he was popular among everyone until he met his downfall upon Orochi’s rise to power.

Back in the Prisoner Mine, Luffy and Hyo are brought before Queen for punishment, and Luffy refuses to join the Beasts Pirates to be pardoned of his sentence.

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Queen recognizes Hyo as Hyogoro, laughing at how a legend like him would die a pitiful death. The other prisoners are shocked to find out Hyo’s real identity, and Hyo accepts his death, but pleads with Queen to spare Luffy.

Queen then comes up with an exciting idea, and as Raizo watches Luffy from a distance, the mysterious man in the cell behind him remarks how he looks exactly the same. Raizo asks who is in the cell, and the occupant reveals himself to be Kawamatsu, asking how Momonosuke is doing.

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