The Mystery of Time Travel in One Piece


In the latest chapter Kin’emon reveals that Momonosuke, Kanjuro, Raizo, Kiku, and himself have time traveled 20 years from the past.


Meanwhile, the money changer Kyoshiro, while intoxicated, starts to laugh as he recalls a situation that Orochi has found himself in. 20 years ago, the wife of Oden proclaimed a curse on Orochi, who interpreted it as a prophecy that nine samurai would kill him in revenge and open Wano’s borders in 20 years. Kyoshiro mocks Orochi for believing this and living in fear now that 20 years have passed, as there should be no Kozuki Family member still alive and able to take revenge.

So we got this huge bombshell leaving the community in a frenzy, many like me are excited and hyped, however, I did see a few people also worried that this “no rules” time travel can introduce complications and plotholes if not handled well.


I want to know from some of these people, what in the story so far, has hinted to it being “no rules” time travel. I think this is nothing more than a backstory, a one time event, and no going to the past. Here are my list of reasons:

1. Momonosuke said back on Zou, that he wants to “avenge his parents death”, not go in the past to change it.


2. They are gathering people for a fight in the near future, not the past.

3. If they could go back in time, why not go back in time instead of future, and stop Orochi by messing with the past?

4. Oden’s wife said this “If there is one wish that can be fulfilled, it will be that nine shadows are “casted and woven” together through 20 years of moonlit nights to seek vengeance.” (If this refers to Kinemon’s group, then it sounds like they didn’t use or have a time power, rather some time power was casted & used on them to throw them “forwards”. Maybe Oden’s wife ultimate fruit ability with dire drawback like Law, since it says if “only one wish can be fulfilled”.)

5. What business do they have in the past??

6. Let’s say Luffy Alliance win the war, even then, they still will not go back in past since there is no peace there.

*Theory by 21Sanji

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