The National Treasure of Mary Geoise Revealed?


Chapter 906 / Episode 885 showed us what may be the National Treasure of Mary Geoise.


The way Oda drew the dark figure walking through the dark hallways of the Holy Land looked alot like a Disney castle. Even that which seems to be a crown looks Disney inspired.

You’ll notice the figure opening a vault door (the Disney Vault) walking into a dark and what seems to be frozen room. The likening to the conspiracy about Walt Disney freezing himself after death to wait for a “cure” for death.

The holiest place on earth even resembles a Disneyland Castle.


Not identical but you get the point.
We also saw slaves underneath the seemingly joyful innovative “travelator”. Which secretly behind the scenes was actually controlled by slaves.
Once again, a conspiracy theory about Disneyland back in the dark days using African American slaves in the costumes to appease customers and kids for outrages lengths at a time during the sweltering heat.

In regards to the straw hat sitting on the shelf which we see in chapter 906, there are many shelves each probably with an artifact from the Void Century.

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Like others already, I believe this was Joy Boy’s hat. I also believe not only are they storing the hat and other artifacts on the other shelves but possibly also his body (maybe a means of harnessing power of some kind).
Which is likening to the Walt Disney’s frozen body conspiracy.

The shelf that happens to be illuminated is the one with the straw hat on it implying that not only are there other shelves with most likely other artifacts or relics on them but also it could be a means of the government being able to see threats that are approaching prior to them happening.

Not to mention the pipe work around the inside of what looks to be a mechanical door which shows that there is probably some sort of machine that keeps this whole room frozen and preserved almost like a giant freezer.
They may have more then just Joy Boy’s body as well. Perhaps a whole army of those from the Void Century. After all, the Government have been doing experiments on bodies/people for centuries most likely.
It was shown in Punk Hazard how there were frozen pirates that the World Government were doing experiments on which shows the World Government happy with freezing bodies.

Could be how they are retaining their youth?

Just thought I’d put this out there as it was crazy to me how many similarities there were to Disneyland and all the conspiracies.

*Theory by Syskill


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