The New Captain of Big Mom Pirates after Wano


Who might be the next capitan of Big Mom Pirates? Let’s begin with discussion between Big Mom Pirates from chapter 934.


We can see that Big Mom’s crew is divided when it comes to choosing a next capitan, but we have two main candidates:

  • Perospero – the eldest child,
  • Katakuri – the strongest child.

But now look at Charlotte Family tree.

Katakuri is not only the strongest, but he is also the third child of Big Mom after Charlotte Perospero and Charlotte Compote.

Before we move further, look at this page from chapter 930. If you haven’t noticed it before, the marked person is Charlotte Compote herself.


We know that Perospero and Compote are with Charlotte Linlin in Wano. If Big Mom really dies there, the part of crew in Wano might die as well. And if this happens the family tree will look more like this.


In such situation Katakuri would be the strongest and the eldest living Big Mom’s child, so he would be the perfect successor.

*Theory by Dominonium

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