The New Generation who’s dragging the Emperors off their Thrones!


While I initially was of the opinion that the Yonko shouldn’t fall here, my perspective was a bit clouded. While I still regard the Yonko as titanic, especially Kaido and Big Mom, what the parties on Wano (Straw Hats, pirate allies, samurai and minks) have pulled off is incredibly impressive.

from set up…


…to glimpses of victory

Law and Luffy have been planning this for some time now, Kid has been challenging Yonkos since he rolled up in the New World. We didn’t get to see those two train like we’ve seen Luffy train so their growth may feel a bit all of a sudden.


Obviously, we’ve been with Law for some time now but he must have trained between Dressrosa and Onigashima. Kid has been facing off against scary opponents since he got to the New World so it’s natural that he got stronger as well. Him and Killer have improved much since we saw them on Sabaody.


Both Law & Kid’s Awakenings are ridiculous. Law with his Kroom and subsequent shock attacks and Kid with his focus on external damage via force and pressure (cool ass rail gun attack also helps). While it could be depicted better, magnetic pressure is insanely strong.

My point is that the Yonko, Big Mom and Kaido in specific, are renown for their incredible power and they have shown that here. But they’ve also shown their arrogance, that goes for both Big Mom and Kaido. For the most part, they have underestimated and belittled this New Generation.

Even during the dying embers of the fight, losing wasn’t a consideration.

When Tama turned many of the Gifters on them and their top officers and commanders started dropping, they should have taken this more seriously. But even at the end, Big Mom remains arrogant. Kaido has been on the roof this whole time so I’m not sure he even knows that King and Queen have been defeated.

My point is that Luffy, Law and Kid have seriously stepped up and by the end of this will have earned the right to be respected (and feared) as pirates who can hold their own against Yonkos and you love to see it.

*by willys_zuppa

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