The Origins of the servant Orochi and his Revenge against the Kozuki Clan


In the recent chapter that continues with Wano’s flashback, we are introduced to Kurozumi Orochi, the new servant of the Daimyo of Hakumai, Lord Yasuie.


Orochi being Yasuie’s servant was a great development and of course adds tragic context to Yasu’s execution.

From what we could appreciate, Orochi is a “Don Nobody”, besides being a servant, at first sight, without ambition or major pretensions. What’s more, Kozuki Oden calls him “weirdo” because of his self-sacrifice behavior without self-esteem.


After this chapter I’m convinced that Orochi stole Oden’s lore. Remember the kids being taught Wano’s history at the beginning? They were told that Orochi uses two-swords style. I seriously doubt that Orochi is a real swordsman.


Can’t wait to see how Orochi pulls off the whole usurper thing and how he came into contact with Kaido to begin with.

Questions to solve:

• What do you think happened with Orochi to end up becoming the current Wano Shogun?

• Do you think the flashback is faking his way of being, but is it really a scum?

• What could have been the turning point of his character and what is Orochi’s avversion to the Kozuki family?

*by Jake Wu Long

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