The origins of Wano Country


Chapter 978 got me thinking on some things we took for granted for some time now.

We saw a map of Wano Kuni at the very beginning of the arc.


We also know that Wano consists of several parts: Kuri, Kibi, Ringo, Hakumai, Udon and of course the Flower Capital. According to the map and information we got about the island, the parts are separated through rivers but connected through bridges. It seems like different parts have their own climate rules and zones. For example, Ringo is a snowy and cold place, but Udon seems like a warm wasteland.


If I am not completely wrong, Wano is the first Island on our voyage that isn’t following the Grand Line rules we thought we would know. With the exception of Punk Hazard (I call it man-made Climate, because Kuzan and Sakazuki influenced it) every Island of the Grand line only had one particular climate theme.


In the newest chapter we finally got to see Onigashima in its full bloom.

I myself took it completely for granted that a huge part of the island is a giant skull with horns. What if “continent puller” oars himself, or an ancestor, created the island which is today known as “Wano Kuni”?

The separately pieces Kuri, Kibi, Ringo, Hakumai, Udon and Flower Capital could be original islands, that got pulled together. It could also be a explanation for the (even for New World standards) very strange natural barrier that happens to be around Wano, because all their climate zones would collide and create chaos in the sea around it.

What do you think About the origins of Wano? Why is it separated in so many zones? In my opinion the skull and the huge (huuuuuuge) sword at Onigashima are not a sign of fight between two giant creatures, but only one who decided to make Onigashima his home, where he died.

*Theory by baldurzar

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