The Perfect Ending for Doflamingo!


Doflamingo escapes Impel Down.


He hears the Final War has taken place and begins to laugh like a maniac. He knows that the “great cleansing” has begun.

He steals a ship and heads towards Mary Geoise.
He enters Mary Geoise and initiates birdcage.
All the Celestial Dragons are trapped. The children have been taken by the Revolutionary Army.
He sees the Celestial Dragons cowering in fear. A “Demon” has entered “Heaven”.


The panel pans towards his sunglasses. It comes off, revealing a demonic gaze with a hint of bloodshot eyes.
He then goes ballistic and unleashes his pent up bloodlust on all the Celestial Dragons. The birdcage makes it impossible to escape.
They call for help, but Doflamingo doesn’t hear their cries, the same way they didn’t hear the cries of their slaves.

The birdcage closes in and then snaps. The panel zooms away, the fate of him being alive, unknown. His status, off screened. Chapter ends.

What do you think? What is your desired ending for Doflamingo?

*Theory by KinguTheWildfire

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