The perfect match-ups: Shanks vs Luffy, Mihawk vs Zoro, Beckman vs Sanji


I was wondering how Mihawk is going to fight Zoro from this point of story. It’s not like Luffy and co will find Laugh Tale and defeat the World Government then Zoro will become the World’s Greatest Swordsman. Since Luffy’s goal > Zoro’s goal, Zoro must be the World’s Greatest Swordsman before Luffy becomes Pirate King. Zoro fighting Mihawk after everything is over would be meaningless and not exiciting. Then when and how it will happen?


Mihawk won’t show up on a random island when there was no danger, and challenge Zoro when the Straw Hat Pirates were doing nothing and just watch Zoro soloing Mihawk and winning it. That would be bad writing. Oda used Mihawk like this, only when he made Mihawk to destroy Don Krieg’s fleet, and showed Mihawk was the danger that he could wipe out East Blue Luffy and others if he wanted. Right now, Luffy alone is on the same level as Mihawk, let alone when he uses his crew, they stomp Mihawk. There will be never a danger like that regarding to Mihawk.

And another option is, Mihawk showing up in the worst possible time, like for example, when Luffy is fighting Marines and Admirals, or Government forces, and Mihawk attacking Zoro and holding him back from helping his crew, would only serve other people, Mihawk wouldn’t let himself be used like this. When he was a Shichibukai, he had a deal, but right now, he wouldn’t have any reason to be used by the Government anymore.

The perfect match-ups : Shanks vs Luffy, Mihawk vs Zoro, Beckman vs Sanji


I just don’t see how Shanks and Beckman can match with Luffy and Zoro, Beckman vs Zoro doesn’t make sense. Zoro’s opponents usually either a swordsman, or a Devil Fruit users, or a genetic freak that hard to cut. Is Beckman will be a Devil Fruit user or genetic freak that hard to cut? I don’t see it happening.

Beckman is more suited opponent for Sanji. So if Mihawk joins Shanks, then I can see the perfect match-ups : Shanks vs Luffy, Mihawk vs Zoro, Beckman vs Sanji.

Mihawk joining Red Hair Pirates suits him because, he has big respect for them, he even apologized from Shanks before attacking Luffy, he respects Shanks’s wishes.


He left the battlefield once Shanks arrived.

He was a messenger boy for Shanks.

He partied with Shanks and Shanks’s crew:

As I mentioned before, Sanji vs Beckman is more suited than Beckman vs Zoro because Sanji is obviously the smartest guy in the Monster Trio, and Beckman is the smartest guy in the Red Hair Pirates and even smartest guy in the East Blue saga (this makes Beckman smarter than Captain Kuro as well).

Another interesting reason why Sanji vs Beckman is better is because of Sanji’s relationships with mouses:

And what is Beckman’s animal theme? When Oda first revealed Beckman’s name, he jokingly called him “Shofukutei Nezumi” because he looks like a mouse. Can it be a coincidence?

Finally, they have a thematic affinity: they both smoke.

*by Erkan12

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