The potential for Pluton to be more than just a ship of great destructive power


We know that Roger made it to Raftel with his crew and became aware of what was written on the Poneglyphs and the history of the Void Century by what Rayleigh stated. We know that he is a D. We know of the Will of D, but as to what it actually is or how it is supposed to be fulfilled we all have speculations. We know that it is an unknown wish or task inherited by possessors of the namesake potentially from the ancient kingdom that was eradicated almost entirely during the Void Century.

Now what if the whole purpose of Gol D. Rogers plan behind getting captured and revealing to the world that he made it to Raftel and left his “treasure” on the island there by kicking off the start of the great pirate era, was for someone with the Will of D in the near future to make it to Raftel during a certain period of time to coincide with celestial alignment?

We’ve been shown that the world has 6 moons. One moon even has its own satellite. What if said satellite actually contains a portion of Pluton within it (there is a theory in our world that the moon is hollow based off of NASA’s findings when the moon was struck with Apollo 12’s ascent stage of its lunar module and it rang like a bell)?

What if the plans for Pluton Franky was given contained not only the schematics for a warship but also for how Pluton is a command module for the satellite that was only activated by a correct gravitational pull when there is correct alignment of these moons.


We see most of the other moons in a primarily circular orbit in relation to the world. There are two pairs of two moons that share orbits. One pair that share an orbit are slightly deviated from circular and are what appear to be on opposing sides of the planet when we see them in O’Hara. The other pair are much closer together in a more circular orbit. The moon with its own satellite has a much more elliptical orbit with it shown just past its apogee and its satellite facing away from the planet.


A gentleman by the name of Monsieur Cookie has already done the liberty of scaling the planet of One Piece and giving us a potential orbit for the one moons satellite. Now we have to keep in mind that when we saw this display in O’Hara of the world and its moons was in Robin’s flash back of 22 years ago.
Knowing Oda it could have been very deliberately displayed in this way.
25 years ago Roger made it to Raftel and upon obtaining the information of the void century he realized he was a quarter of a century or more early for a celestial alignment that would have put the ancient weapon Pluton in the correct position to be activated and flown to the satelite orbiting around the moon. What if this is what he told White Beard and why White Beard never traveled to Raftel or any of Rogers crew returned there? What if this is the reason White Beard told Black Beard that he was not the one Roger was waiting for to spur others to action to reach it?

Now here is where i need the science side of One Piece.
If we have a potential size for the world and basing it off of our world (and by extension our moon) we could get pretty close to being able to correctly calculate its mass and the potential mass of its moons. If this world also has a precession like our earth does we can synthesize that having multiple moons in circular orbits and others in elliptical orbits would effect this world’s precession slightly differently thereby making Raftel only line up with the only moon with a satellite once potentially in a lifetime or every couple lifetimes or every couple centuries.

We already know you can fly to a moon rather easily given Enel’s cover story after the end of the Skypea arc when he flew away into the sky. We know that upon reaching this moon he found it to be highly technologically advanced, contained an underground city, and after reviving his now army it appears he opened the roof and exposed the city to the sky.

We also see the drawings Enel studies of the skypeans. The first being them in a Spherical craft, and i call it a craft because there is a compass in the lower left corner signifying navigation. The second being them already descended to the white white sea (lower left), the blue blue sea with sea kings (lower right), and the sun (upper left).
I believe all of this together to be just enough foreshadowing to suggest that Pluton is hidden at Raftel but is inert until a specific time when it is acted upon by the this celestial alignment. It also leads me to believe that Fujitora was given the ability to manipulate gravity and also given the character traits of being honorable and righteous, so that later in the story he will play a much more pivotal roll than many of us first initially suspected.

Let me know what you think. I know I have a pretty high probability of being wrong, but things were lining up a little to cleanly after the more recent emphasis put on the moon with the new Ceylon transformation reveal.

*Theory by Loopin face

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