The Real Power of the Nine Red Scabbards!


People are still surprised by the Scabbards and their actions in the recent chapters.


First, many people thought it was egregious that they managed to disarm and stall the Calamities. Now, that the Scabbards managed to wound Kaido, a lot of people said “Gear 4 Luffy did nothing to Kaido, why these people can?”.

Well, I guess we should just give a quick look to their CVs. We have:

  • Ashura Doji. This man has literally cut Jack’s weapons and gave him a wound that he needed 2 full acts to recover from – he’s bandaged all the way up until Act 3. Needless to say, this puts him around Jack’s level.
  • Inuarashi. The dude has fought against Jack 12 hours a day for 5 days straight. Wanda would say that, while Jack was undefeated, so the Dukes. It was a stalemate that could only be resolved with the use of a chemical weapon. Inuarashi also has Sulong at the ready, and has now a second sword to fight. However, since he hasn’t used Sulong yet, this won’t be considered a factor in the events of 986 and 987.
  • Nekomamushi. Practically Inuarashi’s equal, maybe even slightly stronger – a consideration based solely on the fact that it was Nekomamushi who brought Jack to his human form, and not Inuarashi. Still, we’ll consider him on the same level as Inuarashi and we still won’t take Sulong into consideration.
  • Izo. He was a Commander in an Emperor crew Many people believe that, since he was the 16th commander, he is weaker than all the 15 people that came before him. That’s however not necessarily the case; the only example of a crew that has a similar structure to Whitebeard’s that we have is Blackbeard’s – with its 10 Titanic Captains – and we know that the Captain of the 1st Ship – Jesus Burgess – is not stronger than the Captain of the 2nd Ship – Shiryu of the Rain. While not on the same tier as Marco or Jozu, or maybe even Vista, Izo was still a Commander.
  • Denjiro. What we have about him is; he has 20 years of unadulterated rage that have been building up inside him; he’s been introduced by Ashura as a “demon with the blade”; he has sparred with an enraged 2-swords Zoro like it was child’s play and deflected a 720 pound cannon with a smile. We can safely say that he’s currently the strongest Scabbard!
  • Kin’emon. This is where most of the misconception lies. A lot of people have this idea that Kin’emon is fodder, that he’s a joke. The thing is; we’ve never seen Kin’emon actually fight – except for the flashback, which was still against some Beasts Pirates fodder, so not really worth analyzing. All we know is that he was handled by Law in the frostbiting cold of Punk Hazard while he was looking for Momonosuke and after a big escape from Dressrosa – which is, by itself, not a scar to be ashamed of, as Law, especially back in Punk Hazard, has an absurdly overpowered Devil Fruit until Oda decides to nerf him because otherwise he would win every fight he’s in – and that’s it. After that, he saves the crew from Smiley, he defeats a Punk Hazard dragon with Brook, and… well, he uses Haki to push back the Birdcage. Many people remember a Kin’emon vs Doflamingo that actually never happened; go and reread chapter 730. There’s no fight there. And Kin’emon literally shrugs it off like nothing seconds later. Another point people refer to when calling Kin’emon “fodder” is when he sees Zoro cutting Pica in half. Well, no shit; Zoro literally cuts a mountain in half – also thanks to Orlumbus, something that people conveniently leave out every time they remember this scene. That’s an astonishing feat. So, at the end of the day, we have absolutely no metric for Kin’emon’s skills outside of “he was defeated by Law while being in a very disadvantegous position.

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