The Terrible Revelation about SMILEs and Ebisu Town!


In the last chapter we see Yasu is shot and killed by Orochi and his forces.


Upon arriving at the scene, Zoro is baffled to see the residents of Ebisu Town laughing hysterically.

Hiyori then reveals to him that they have been stripped of the ability to do anything else thanks to Kaido bringing SMILE to this country. The people of Ebisu Town can only smile because of the SMILE fruits.


So we can assume that you need stolen emotions to create SMILEs. Only happines wasn’t stolen from the people. You can see the affected people only smiling. That would explain the name “smiles”.


And it explains now the name of the SAD-tanks in Punk Hazard.

What is in the SAD-tanks? We saw Law destroying the tanks and we can clearly see some green liquid, which you need to create smiles. Those liquid could be those stolen negative emotions. That’s why it is called “SAD”.

But why stolen emotions?
In chapter 184 we saw the first time an object with a devil fruit. Usopp stated: “That’s ridiculous. It’s not as if the devil fruit has a will of its own.” There are some theories that say the devil fruits own a soul. I think this could be very true. The devil fruit-object fusion has a strong parallel with Big Mom’s soul ability to create Homies. Giving a dead object a soul and it becomes a living thing.
For SMILEs you need emotions! It’s like a lower version of a soul. But you can’t steal happiness. Maybe that’s the reason why smiles are incomplete and not quite work, like an original devil fruit.

Only Vegapunk was able to create one SMILE that was working 100%. It was the SMILE that Momonosuke ate.

Now I come to the speculative part, and it’s very very speculative, so don’t be too hard to me.

Momonosuke’s SMILE worked perfectly. So which emotions could be in the artificial fruit?

It’s the perfect copy of Kaido’s devil fruit.

Could it be that Kaido’s emotions were stolen from Vegapunk? Maybe his happiness was stolen too. I know we saw Kaido with emotional outbursts and we saw him cry. That happens only when he’s drunk. Could be a side-effect. I’m not sure about this, but I think it’s worth to mention.

Sidenote: We have two strong connections between Vegapunk, Kaido and Big Mom.

  • The devil fruit-object transfer is like the ability from Big Mom to create Homies.
  • Vegapunk invented the first SMILE, which is a copy of Kaido’s devil fruit.

We know that Vegapunk can study devil fruits and can turn it into technology. Like Kizaru’s lasers within the Pacifistas.

What if Vegapunk studied Big Mom’s and Kaido’s devil fruits in the past and that’s the basis for his inventions. He could share a part of his past with Big Mom and Kaido and maybe had a connection with Rocks, where he was able lay his hands an those two. That could be the reason why Orochi wants Vegapunk from CP0 so badly.

We also know that Vismoke Judge worked with Vegapunk. He did experiments on his own children to make them more powerful. The Vismoke siblings have now powers like Zoan Users, but they didn’t lose their ability to swim. And they lost their emotions and emphaty, except Sanji. This could be connected with the SMILE-emotion topic.

What do you think guys?

*Theory by Wolfram87

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