The Reason why Im has a particular interest in Vivi


I don’t think it’s Vivi Im plans to “snuff out from history”, which seems to be what everyone’s losing their minds over right now.


Let’s take a look at Im’s actions:

-Im takes a bunch of posters that interest them for some reason (now we know it was Luffy’s, Blackbeard’s, and a picture of Shirahoshi and Vivi) to the location of the giant frozen straw hat in the ancient chamber. Somehow all of them are connected to it (or else why take all of their photos with him and not just Luffy’s?).

-Im goes to their room and ponders over what to do about these 4 individuals. They cut up or pierce Luffy, Blackbeard and Shirahoshi’s pictures because for some reason they’re not what Im’s looking for.


-Im takes Vivi’s picture in hand and possibly to their throne, however it looks perfectly preserved from the angle we see it.


This leads me to think that Im’s target is not Vivi. I think that’s a list of the people that will become the biggest influences of the world. However, Vivi would be more popular among the people than the other three:

-Shirahoshi is a mermaid of unparalelled beauty, princess to the Ryugu Kingdom, has the power of Poseidon inside her, but a mermaid nonetheless. Not everyone will rally behind her because racism against mermen is still a thing.

-Blackbeard and Luffy are world renowned pirates that have brought the world upside down and they’ve created many allies, but also many enemies and the world that doesn’t know them despises them due to their pirate status.

-Vivi however may hold the world’s future in her hands and in some ways she could be more dangerous than the other three. She is the princess of Alabasta and is very beloved both within and outside her kingdom. She’s very beautiful, plus she’s human (unlike Shirahoshi). To add to that, she has characteristics that make her a great leader; as a small child she endured Wapol’s abuse to ensure peace. Later on she took a bullet silently to make sure Nami gets the help she needs. She trained, became a soldier and infiltrated a Warlord’s organization to thwart his plans from the inside. Also her voice (with the help of Luffy) managed to reach throughout Alabasta’s battleground and stop a war (possibly a manifestation of Conqueror’s Haki?). She abandoned her desires to travel the world because her people needed her. With all these qualities it’s not hard to see why the entire world would rally behind her if she told them to march against the World Government.

This makes me think that Im may look at Vivi as their successor (or maybe wife?) instead of wanting her dead. Better make her the voice of World Government than let her grow more and more powerful and turn against them one day. Nefertaris have a history of turning against the World Government after all. On the other hand any reason to kill her I’ve seen does not add up one way or another (and it also doesn’t match with her poster being intact). She doesn’t know any deep secrets, she’s not done anything to signify betrayal against the world and I don’t believe for a second she would be punished.

*Theory by Thatguyoverandover

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