The Reason why Kaido no longer needs Orochi


In the latest chapter Kaido and Big Mom announced together that it’s time to take the One Piece!


Kaido also plans to move his base to the Flower Capital and transform Wano into a pirate nation with Yamato as shogun. He calls it “New Onigashima”.
All Wano citizens will be enslaved to increase production of weaponry.
Kaido beheads Orochi when he objects to the plan.

He then offers an ultimatum to Orochi’s forces, giving them a chance to fully integrate into the Beasts Pirates or be killed.


I’m gonna be called crazy for this but Orochi dying at the hands of Kaido is perfectly fine from a logical point of view, I know the narrative makes you want the Scabbards or Zoro being the ones to kill him but think about this: why did Kaido need Orochi? He was weak and could not fight at all. I think Kaido kept Orochi alive because of politics, maybe Orochi was good making deals (Doflamingo and CP0) but now that Kaido has Big Mom he doesn’t care about politics, why would he?


And now that Kaido doesn’t need politics he doesn’t need Orochi at all, he doesn’t care about the Kozuki or the history of Wano, he doesn’t care about what Orochi deserves, he only cares about finding the One Piece and destroying the world.

Whether Orochi is dead or not, I thought it was BRILLIANT how Oda depicted the villain focus switch from last chapter to this new chapter. Our 2 Main Villains have been Kaido & Orochi.. but it’s always felt like Kaido was in the back seat and Orochi was driving, Orochi was the Villain Focus.

In the previous chapter, we start off with Orochi speaking to the people, it’s still his show, he’s running the execution, his revenge on the Kozuki, courtesy of the Kurozumi Clan.

That’s when Kaido steps on center-stage with his boys.

Kaido starts speaking about his plans, New Onigashima, next steps. Orochi tries to butt in, and gets his head lopped off in the middle of Kaido sentence.

It’s symbolic of the story’s “villain focus” switch, Kaido has finally arrived, he’s in the driving seat now, he’s running the show. Orochi’s out.

*by MisterHuesos

Kaido and Big Mom declare war on the World Government!

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