The Reason why Kaido tried to go to Marineford!


You guys remember that Shanks clashed with Kaido before going to Marineford?


My theory is that, actually, Kaido wasn’t going to Marineford to take part in the war. Rather, he was chasing Yamato who was trying to save Ace.

Well, there is no real proof to that (since again this is a theory). But, there are several circumstantial evidences leading to that.

  • Yamato knows Ace. Based on the latest chapter, it also appears that she has close relationship with Ace.
  • It is possible that Yamato knew about the execution from newspaper given to Kaido / Orochi. They can either voluntary or involuntary gave the news to her. Heck! She even manage to got Oden’s journal under their noses.
  • I don’t think that Kaido goes with a large force to Marineford. If yes, I believe that the clash with Shanks would be full-blown, and Shanks (and both parties) would have many casualties. Rather, I think that Kaido only went with a small team – speed is of the essence if he’s trying to chase her daughter/son.

A speculation that I have is that, actually, Shanks is the one who found Yamato, and deliver her to Kaido. Kaido thought that Shanks was trying to harm his daughter/son, hence the clash, but after he found out the reason, he stepped back and brought Yamato back to Wano.

*Theory by kvnmtnds

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