The Reason Why Kuzan joined the Blackbeard Pirates


As we all know, the Revolutionaries’ base was destroyed by the Blackbeard Pirates, when Burgess revealed its location as an act of vengeance towards Sabo and to try and get their weapons.


We also know from Kuzan’s appearance in Punk Hazard, that he is not affiliated with the Marines or the World Government anymore, but he’s on “the other side”. Which might either mean, Pirates or Revolutionaries. Pirates wouldn’t make much sense because of Kuzan’s sense of justice so everyone assumed he’d be associated with the Revolutionaries.

However, later on, in Dressrosa, we find out that Kuzan affiliated himself with the Blackbeard Pirates, and might have given them some info.


The question is, what kind of connection could Kuzan have with them? Is it true loyalty? Even Burgess puts that in cause. And from what we know about Kuzan, it’s highly unlikely he’d been rooting for the guys who don’t stand for any kind of justice and just cause destruction and panic wherever they go.


During the Reverie arc, it is revealed that the Revolutionaries escaped the destruction of Baltigo and they moved their base of operations to Momoiro Island.

What if Kuzan, knowing about Blackbeard’s plans because he is associated with them, and perhaps being a big unkown player on the Revolutionary side, warned Dragon about Blackbeard’s intent to attack Baltigo?

I’m not saying Blackbeard knows about Kuzan’s association with the Revolutionaries, because if so Blackbeard would never let that information leak to Kuzan, but if Kuzan is on the “other side of the grass” where it’s greener, then he may just be helping the Revolutionaries and playing double agent on Blackbeard’s crew, and ended up saving the Revolutionaries!

*Theory by Overhaul

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