The Reason Why Yamato Has Conqueror’s Haki


I think there is a very good case that Yamato possesses Conqueror’s Haki.

Her Relation to Kaido

She’s Kaido’s only child, and he raised her as his “son”


Other Top Tiers have sired children that are themselves Conquerors:

  • Gol D. Roger: Ace
  • Monkey D. Dragon: Luffy
  • Charlotte Linlin: Katakuri

Whitebeard and Weevil are not confirmed, but it’s more a case that the Jury is still out:

  1. We don’t know if Weevil is truly Whitebeard’s son.
  2. We don’t know if Weevil is a Conqueror or not.

And even then, Weevil is an exception as he’s very dependent on his mother.

The three examples I mentioned earlier does suggest that Yamato is probably a Conqueror.

Yamato also seems to have inherited Kaido’s abnormal physical stature, as she withstood an endless barrage of cannon fire.


This lends credibility to the notion that Kaido’s blood flows especially strongly in her, and makes it more likely that she inherited his disposition of the King.

Compare Katakuri who seems to have inherited nothing of the sort from Linlin.

Beyond merely being Kaido’s only child and inheriting his insane physicals, Kaido is also raising her to be the Shogun of Wano.

This suggests that Kaido has very high ambitions for her. Contrast Katakuri who Linlin considers one of her lowly children and shows no special regard.

Kaido is someone that only respects strength. He berated Doflamingo for losing to Luffy and Law because he was “too weak”.

He also seems to have trained Yamato given that she can perfectly execute his signature technique.

So to summarise:

  • Yamato is Kaido’s only child.
  • He raised her as his “son” and trained her to be a fierce warrior.
  • He has high ambitions for her and seeks to make her Shogun.

Yamato’s Resolve

Yamato further has the determination and resolve to be a Conqueror. When she rescued Momonosuke from Sasaki’s Armoured Division, she told him that she wanted to save him 20 years ago, but apologises that she could do nothing but watch helplessly because back then, she didn’t have the “strength”.

This suggests that she now has the strength to make a meaningful difference and stand up to her father.

She stated that she would die for Momonosuke.

She refused to compromise on protecting Momonosuke and Shinobu despite receiving and endless barrage of canon fire as “Kozuki Oden would never do that”.

Kozuki Oden

Yamato seeks to become Oden. Oden was a Conqueror himself.

The Current User of Toki Toki No Mi

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