The Reasons Why Garp is One of the 5 Strongest Characters in One Piece


Sometimes I legit get bored of seeing all of the “Garp is weak” comments and posts in the op community so I thought to myself why not make a post to clarify why I believe Garp is one of the strongest characters (Top 5).


Garp the Hero of the Marines, equal to the Pirate King himself and the guy that had the tremor tremor fruit Whitebeard.

Garp is really really strong we all know that but why do some people call him weak? I tend to believe it’s because he doesn’t have many feats (shown feats that is) in the series and because of his hair being white… We all know that Garp isn’t young and I believe people just automatically look at Garp’s age (78) and his hair and tend to believe that he’s fodder because he’s old.
Garp may be old and all but does that mean he’s weak? No! It doesn’t!


People also tend to forget that the other strong characters also age in this series it’s not only Garp that gets older. Big Mom is 68 years old and I’m not sure about Kaido but I believe they’re very equal in every aspect (age would be one of them).


At Marineford Whitebeard was said to be the strongest man/pirate in the world (stated by Fleet Admiral Sengoku multiple times). Now let’s look at it this way: Roger=Whitebeard, Roger=Garp and Garp=Whitebeard.

If they were equals at their prime why shouldn’t they be equals now?
So Whitebeard was said to be the strongest man doing the events of the Paramount War. What about Garp then? He is the equal to Whitebeard so why wouldn’t he be as strong as him? It was clearly shown that Garp’s punches were something else from your regular punches.

When Garp made his move on Marco (Right Hand Man of the Strongest Pirate) everyone was shocked. They had a reaction like: “Garp is fighting too? We’re done for” and the Marines: “We’ve got the legendary hero Garp then nobody will get to Ace”. At least something like this.

Now remember this means that the Marines genuinely thought that nobody could get to Ace because of Garp this counts for Whitebeard as well.
After Ace’s death Garp was ready to demolish Akainu but Sengoku stopped him at the spot because he knew what was going to happen to poor Akainu.

Now let’s skip a little and talk about the other Yonkos for a bit.

Big Mom is an Emperor of the sea and is very very strong even at age 68 (we don’t know Kaido’s age). I’ve seen many people that have written about Big Mom and Kaido crushing Garp with ease and such but I can’t get to understand why. I tend to ask them why and they’re saying like “Garp is old he isn’t strong anymore” while I’m here thinking like “Come on bruh”. Garp is 78 and Big Mom is 68. It’s not such a big difference! Now don’t get me wrong, 10 years is a lot but I remember Oda telling us that a super human can live up to 130+ if I remember correctly please tell me if I’m wrong. Garp is all about raw power and so are Big Mom and Kaido (Garp especially in Armament Haki). Of course I don’t believe that Garp is in his prime and I don’t believe Big Mom is either.

I believe Big Mom is closer to her prime than Garp is. Now I’ve said that 10 years isn’t that much person to person but it’s a lot of we talk like now til prime level. Garp at age 78 is still the most feared Marine that lives right now. At his age he’s still known to be the strongest Marine and so was Whitebeard but just as a Pirate. Whitebeard at the time he was alive (particularly Marineford) was a Yonko. Not only a Yonko but the most feared of them all. If Whitebeard at his old age and his illness was called the strongest Pirate alive just think about Garp. Garp=Whitebeard. Garp wasn’t sick at all in fact Garp was healthy so why would he be weaker than his equal that has an illness?

If Whitebeard could hold his own against the other Yonkos then there’s no reason to believe that Garp couldn’t/can’t. I believe that Garp is at Yonko level even at his old age. I believe he can take out Big Mom, Kaido and Blackbeard. I don’t know about Shanks because he’s a little weird to rank in terms of power and evidence (in my opinion he’s the strongest Yonko).

*Theory by Ertugrulym

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